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Acarophobia, Potamophobia, very specific clown fears...

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Acarophobia, Potamophobia, very specific clown fears...

Postby Auxiliary11 » Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:27 am

I've got several different specific phobias, but these 3 are pretty specific indeed and apparently uncommon if not rare.

Acarophobia is a fear of insects that itch; such as mites, fleas, lice, ticks etc. It also can cause the sufferer to feel that their skin is infested with mites. I've always hated insects that itch, they disturb me greatly, but after a long-term run in with cat fleas for most of last year this phobia got worse, it was awful and they took a while to get rid of, and my parents wouldn't assist me much because they thought I was 'imagining things' despite showing them the fleas on the carpet and the welts on my body. Long story short, I eventually got rid of them, and we haven't had anymore this year (I wouldn't know how to deal if we got them the following year too). This run in with bugs led me to experience what I now know to be an episode of Delusional Paristhosis/cleptoparasitosis, which made me believe I either had Scabies or the house was infested with bird mites from birds that I thought where living in the loft... I would feel things crawling over me (formication), burning and stinging sensations, and tickling sensations, as if some invisible bug was attacking me. This went on for a while until I figured out the cause of my formication, it was a combination of dry skin, bad reactions to certain soaps, and static electricity (causing my body hairs to move), and I fixed it by taking colder showers with moisturizing soap and putting wool balls in the dryer that I bought from Amazon. So pretty much the underlying Acarophobia combined with formication, as well as bad experiences with insects, caused me to become delusional... not exactly the most fun part of my life... Anyway, had anyone else had bad experiences with bugs/they have this phobia?

Potamophobia is the fear of running water, in it's extreme this prevents the sufferer from showering, but I don't have an extreme case, mines more so about heavy running water. Things like damns, waterfalls, rivers etc. just creep me the hell out, I imagine just getting swept away by them and drowning, ugh even the thought. As a kid I was always afraid of drain holes in baths and sinks, as the thought of them leading to the sewer freaked me. A few minor bad experiences with running water (at a water park, for example) turned this into Potamophobia. When ever I hear the sound of heavy running water I freeze in fear, even hearing water move though the bathroom walls freaks me. This also seems to crossover with some plumping/pipe phobia as well, once when I looked into the toilet block, and saw all of the mechanisms submerged into the water, I froze up in fear and immediately put the lid back on, a burst pipe in the bathroom made me freeze up too. This also extends to water towers, sewerage plants, and basically anything that combined powerful industrial machinery with heavy running water. I found this thread that goes into my plumbing phobia: http://www.phobics-awareness.org/forum/ ... f-plumbing. I believe it all stems from one disturbing thing -- the fear that you'll be sucked away and never seen again. Does anyone else relate?

The last one is weirdly specific, I'm not afraid of clowns, puppets, or animatronics by themselves, but I am afraid of marionette clown puppets and animatronic clowns. We have this clown puppet that we got from someone a while ago, it used to hang in the corner of our spare room (where the family computer was)... I was terrified of it. I thought it sort of 'watched' me with that stupid creepy grin on it's face when I was doing homework. Eventually we moved it to the garage, but I still really want to get rid of the thing, it's eyes follow you around the room. The animatronic clown fear stems more so from the idea of the power behind it. At least I know with regular clowns they're just dudes playing dress up, but these animatronic ones could screw you up bad if they became sentient.

I know, weird phobias right? So if any of you read up until the end, do any of you relate?
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Re: Acarophobia, Potamophobia, very specific clown fears...

Postby MikeTheFurry » Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:28 am

Seems like stuff you should normally be afraid of.
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