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Bibliophobic? Aichmophobic?

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Bibliophobic? Aichmophobic?

Postby Bullpup » Tue May 21, 2013 11:11 pm

I'll start by saying I adore books. I love to read them and the soft,light smell of their pages. Even the yellowed pages make me euphoric! But when reading a book or even looking at one I get very nervous. It's not the book itself but rather the ends of the spine of the book and sometimes the corners. I think I may have aichmophobia but it's not all sharp objects only the ends of the spines of books. I just feel like I could get cut or hurt from them.

I love my leather bound, paper-filled friends but I simply can't stand touching the ends of the spines. I can sometimes tolerate it but most of the time i get a fit of anxiety and rapid breathing that won't go away if I don't do something or turn away from the book.

In short I just feel an overwhelming fear of getting hurt by them (either by pressing the ends of the spine or corners of the book to me) or having one thrown at me with such a force it cuts me. But I love them and reading them? Can anyone give me advice and or feedback?
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