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Neurology - brain telepathy - STOP telepathic psycho terror

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Neurology - brain telepathy - STOP telepathic psycho terror

Postby VinkoTelepathic » Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:56 pm

My name is Vinko .
I am maybe the only really telepathic person in the world. You should not think that I could be Schizophrenic.
Crazy but over 80% of all telepathic experiences are the same like for Schizophrenia.

I can exchange voice, video, smell, people can move small move muscles on my body from distance and much more
and all messages from me are transmitted to big number of people so I am a Mental Radio.

One of the most advanced things I can do is to talk brain to brain( up to few kilometer) and it is very fascinating,
works 100% and it is really talk direct brain to brain.
What I find most fascinating my telepathy is nearly identical to what Schizophrenics experience.
They can receive voice, videos and smell, I can transmit voice , video and smell using telepathy.
They are few important differences, moving small muscles on my body and sex.
People can tell me that they are going to move some small muscle on my body and really move it.
One of most fascinating things is pen-is erection. It is possible to get my pen-is erected from distance any time ,
it means I can have sex forever and very intensive , something like Tantra.

I never found any document about any other existing person in human history like myself, but
science never did serious research on me and I actually did not exist in world of science.
I could easy give evidence for telepathy.Maybe some of Neurologist or scientist
could help me or is maybe interesting to make research on my phenomena.
Do you have any advice, how can I make test on telepathy and confirm it?

Actually I should be celebrity but they(Croats, Swedish, Norwegians helped with some others and of some idiot church)
turn it to be opposite. I am educated Software Developer and telepathic but I am going to finish on the street.
I am very poor, have no job, no accommodation, no girlfriend for last 10 Years, I am 37 Years old.
Terror for 10 Years, day after day, they call it show but it is cruel torture, but they accepted it to me and they
finance some idiots to psycho torture me day and night from distance. They must have spend 500 000 Euro for this.
Their show is to fight that I do not succeed in carrier and have no love life.
They turned my life to hell on the Earth.
They found some expert in psycho torture, attacking my intimacy, waking me up, I do not know what is normal sleep for 10 Years.

Problem is that I think Swedish media was helping to collect money,
I think they even transferred money to those psychopaths and they are very strong in Sweden.
I can not understand why they did such a terrible thing against me, probably they think I have no chance against them, they can do
as they like. Is is just incredible what happened of my life because of Swedish/Norwegian media and police protection to some mad
Yugoslavs. Swedish police is playing stupid and I am sure they know about what is going on.

I have very difficult task to stop this terror. Telepathy do not exists in world of science and they think is Schizophrenia.

Please join this case of tragedy-comic world of brain magic and telepathy and Schizophrenia, join cause causes.com/causes/613571 on facebook.
Please resend information to other,
maybe some day is someone going to have correct info on people working on this and going to call police with names of idiots working on this.
You can save me of life on street under telepathic psycho torture. I am looking for some scientist that wont to make
research on me and if I have confirmed this of some scientist I can get protection of police. If you have any smart advice please send message to me.
If you have any way to find my ex. Lisa , born in Halmstad, Sweden please tell Lisa to go to police station and tell all
she know about this terror.
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Re: Neurology - brain telepathy - STOP telepathic psycho terror

Postby CrackedGirl » Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:11 am

Hi Vinko,

Thank you for your post. Do you have a Dr? If so I think it would be worth going to see them and perhaps taking a printoff of this post with you to show them.

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Re: Neurology - brain telepathy - STOP telepathic psycho ter

Postby CJL » Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:14 pm

I defiantly agree that you should see a doctor. Also some advice I have about your telepathic powers is, how can you expect us to believe that you have them? I'm not saying you don't have telepathic powers but you can't just expect anyone to believe a claim which has never been proven. If i said to you that I could turn invisible but I couldn't ever show you or anyone else would you believe me? If not then maybe that could be a reason why others don't believe you, however like I already said, this does not mean you must be wrong but you can't be surprised if people don't believe you.
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Re: Neurology - brain telepathy - STOP telepathic psycho ter

Postby njweatherdon » Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:32 pm

I can easily see that we are facing a similar situation.

Yes, there are very clearly highly orchestrated efforts to destroy the minds of people like you and me.

Probably many people involved are tricked into thinking that they are helping you. People are very easy to manipulate in the best of times, and when things are going on that they don't understand and which they may be fearful of ... After treating you like garbage for so long, probably you project a lot of negative thoughts, which further substantiates their ability to believe that they should participate in what they are doing to drive you into the dirt. This is a generous interpretation of downright scandalous and evil events.

There must be some way you can use your software development skills remotely, by internet, to work with other people. But that is not the same as saying that they will give you a chance.

People like you can provide a lot of input quickly, so if you know what you're talking about this can be a blessing to a team. But if you have bad questions or don't know what you are doing then you will add confusion.

And what does the system have on offer for you? An offer to medicate and segregate. This will not change if people cannot know the truth. Thank you for sharing your story online.
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Re: Neurology - brain telepathy - STOP telepathic psycho ter

Postby ashc » Sat Jun 28, 2014 3:57 pm

Thanks for the post. I'm on the receiving end of all those weird things.

The only thing that confuses me is the sexual aspect of it. I've described it as "scientists having a remote control to my clit-oris". It's truly unbelievable. It's like they can make me orgasm without touching me! I won't go into details, but it's crazy.

At one point, I feared people could read my thoughts or control them, but I don't really think this is true. I do think scientists are controlling my dreams, because it's difficult to imagine my unconscious having so much intelligence.

I would tell you that you're crazy, but I have to agree the pen-is thing is weird. I feel like scientists are controlling my brain thus stimulating my clit-oris on demand. It's nice actually, BUT I wish I had "the remote" / the ability to stimulate my brain thus clit-oris the way they can. They're experienced. Lol. Anyway, I think you're going to have trouble finding the scientists researching you.

I think they're brainwashing me into enjoying and/or accepting something, because they give me something good (sexual pleasure) every now and then. Also, I believe it to be a form of programming. Oh. Wait. Programming people is a form of brainwashing.

I feel like a prisoner of war most of the time. I try to dissociate or block it out as much as possible. It isn't easy .

I hope you talk to a doctor for anxiety meds and sleeping meds at least. Maybe something to help you focus as well. Mental torture can be very distracting, I imagine. Maybe with these meds you can work again? I wouldn't really suggest an anti-psychotic, because you could very well be someone's research guinea piggy.

No need to go to the police. They don't understand what's going on in your mind. Good luck finding something to calm your nerves , and I hope you find employment.
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