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Panicking I may have HIV

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Panicking I may have HIV

Postby dsislandman » Wed Dec 28, 2016 5:49 am

About three months ago I topped a male anally without protection who "said" they were clean. However, it was very brief, only for about thirty seconds, and I didn't penetrate very deeply, either. I am circumcised. I've looked up the risk and a lot of numbers are saying 1 out of 909 (per exposure). It was only this one encounter. One part of me feels this I put myself at a low risk and the other part of me cannot stop worrying about it. I have a feeling this person sleeps around and I don't think they understand the risk like I do now. I know the best answer is to always get tested, and I will, but I can't for a few weeks. There is certainly no guarantee the partner I did this with has HIV. I haven't shown any symptoms of HIV even though I know some people don't show symptoms. The issue is I can't clearly gauge how much I should be freaking out and it is interfering with my day to day life. I think I may be experiencing some sort of anxiety problem, because I relive the same worrying thoughts and google page after page about HIV statistics that continually make me worrisome.
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Re: Panicking I may have HIV

Postby helloagain » Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:13 am

It is better you get tested at the earliest, because your anxiety will remain till then. There is no point freaking out, since you may not be infected after all!
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