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Am I at risk for colon cancer?

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Am I at risk for colon cancer?

Postby Mr_Anonymous_9 » Sun Aug 23, 2015 6:18 pm

This is something I never really thought about much because I am younger then 20 years old but I have had a change in bowl movements that has lasted a few years and I need to check it out.
My cardiologist diagnosed me with autonomic dysfunction 2 years ago. He says that growth spurts can mess up my digestive system. But I haven't really told him the extent of my symptoms yet.

Prior to 2 years ago I would have about 5 bowl movements in a weak and they took me about 10 minutes. Now I have about 1 or 2 Per day.I usually don't have much urgency to go. The consistency of the stool is very soft and while usually not watery it can't hold a shape. A bowl movement can take me 20 minutes or more. Sometimes it is acidic and causes abdonamal discomfort but that usuay doesn't last more then a day or two and is considered to be pretty normal for my condition. Sometimes after a long stool I never feel "empty" and keep "going". Sometimes when I go for too long a little bit of mucus comes out. I usually don't have any pain or discomfort like this but it is always very soft and takes more time then usuall. I have been an under eater my whole life and my diet is pretty bad. Most days are me eating one fast food meal and a few energy bars. I drink a lot of Gatorade because I need the electrolytes. I am pretty under weight but I don't think I have Enimia.
This has lasted about 2 years but hasn't gotten any worse. If anything it has gotten better.
So is this just because of my diet/puberty or am I at risk for colon cancer?
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Re: Am I at risk for colon cancer?

Postby StarsSparkle » Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:38 am

I don't think so. I`m not exactly an expert (tough, living with Ulcerative Colitis grants me some sort of expertise on the digestive tract) As long as your body isn't getting altered by the disease, you aren't higher risk.

Like, for example, I would be higher risked because my body attacks itself and it regenerates different. I don't know if it's the same for something like that. Since your body isn't physically damaging the digestive tract, I wouldn't think so.

Good luck with that though! If you need anyone to talk to about it, I am right here!
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