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Do I have hysterical personality disorder?

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Do I have hysterical personality disorder?

Postby bela123 » Mon Jun 08, 2015 12:43 am

I was reading about this kind of personality and by what I understood, I may have it. I seem to be forcing myself to act like a pedophile, faking acts and thoughts, and perhaps believing that I really am a pedophile, believing this theater. I refer as myself as a pedophile even though I'm in doubt if I am one. I imagine sittuations in which people find out that I am a pedophile and sittuations in which I tell them I am one, it seems that I would be proud if I were a pedophile, that I have the desire to tell people I am one. Once I was looking to a little boy's pic and I though: ''he's cute''. I have been forcing myself to make many mistakes, and one of them seems to be pedophilia.
I'm so sad, because if I am a pedophile, I'll only be able to date an ex-pedophile or a pedophile. Ex-pedophiles are so hard to find, and pedophiles are interested in kids, not in adults, so my boyfriend wouldn't be interested in me. Do you think I can find someone who accepts pedophilia, but is not a pedophile? I am almost sure I accept the fact that someone was a pedophile because it was not her/his fault, but I think the pedophilia has to go away because everything has limits. Do you think I can find someone who thinks like me?
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Re: Do I have hysterical personality disorder?

Postby juniper » Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:47 am

What do you get out of telling others you are a pedophile? What need does it fill within you?

That may be a better place to look IMHO.
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