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mind trick 4 paruresis

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mind trick 4 paruresis

Postby JtotheOtotheE » Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:09 pm

Start with an urge to pee. Simply go and when you’re standing/sitting there, simply think, your mind body spirit and essence in that instance. Next picture your soul in your head only he’s a fluid statue. From creation to being make him/her make a point with their thumb up/down; you have to do both so with mind body spirit essence in mind and the figure making a point up/down, you’ll be able to do one easy the other is the one you have to work on. Essence is the hardest one to think of in its entirety so just get a figure of it, next slightly meditate on it, the picture in your head. Meditate where the figure is under water; layers of it and each layer is new material. This makes it easier for you to picture Mind Body Spirit and Essence; especially essence, so the picture of thumb down/up; whichever is the difficult one, under water until in that moment with all of Mind Body Spirit Essence and the figures action WORK under water. Now think of stretching and removing layers of water until he’s on top in your mind. This works your body into peeing and it shoots like a water spout so be ready. Its faster than it sounds when you get to the point where your just stretching layers of water it is almost like your naturally preparing to pee!
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