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If I have signs, am i mentally ill ?

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If I have signs, am i mentally ill ?

Postby anouarpac » Mon Nov 18, 2013 12:03 pm

am i mentally ill ?A psychiatry professor was once questioned if , in reality , everyone show a sign or 2 of a mental disorder . His answer ?

“Yes , the simply exceptions are professors of psychiatry — we demonstrate the majority of .”

A lot of family doctors speak about the need to deal with mental health as well as other physical-health problems .
The body and mind are inextricably associated together and anticipating psychological health to be fantastic while physical health is bad is similar to asking your vehicle engine to work smoothly having only part the pistons functioning . So , exactly how important are signs and symptoms ? am i mentally ill ?

When you have a headache and an annoyed stomach , it doesn’t indicate you have the flu , although those are two flu signs .
Sharp problems in your side do not necessarily indicate appendicitis and a painful throat is not always tonsillitis .
Why , then , must feeling down signify depressive disorders or a little bit neat-freakiness indicate OCD ? am i mentally ill ?

Obviously , it does not . We live in an era in which persons are not anymore shy ; they have “social stress and anxiety illness .”
The stigma around mental disorder is so terrific a lot of people would prefer to avoid even discovering if their signs and symptoms indicate a medical diagnosis .
How do we inform if we have tipped over the line from a bit distress to full-blown mental disorder ? <a href="www.mental-solutions.blogspot.com/2013/11/am-i-mentally-ill.html"> am i mentally ill </a>
Sometimes like these , we have to maintain things in perspective .

Firstly , how weakening are your signs and symptoms ? Do they really keep you from accomplishing your job , enjoying your daytime , being a part of life with family and friends ? Or do they really result in physical problems from psychological sources , called somatic illnesses ? am i mentally ill ?

If the reply is yes , you need to be consulting your physician — not simply because you inevitably have a mental disorder , but simply because some thing is keeping you back from one hundred per cent full-bore life-fulfillment and enjoyment .

Try not to wait until your sprained ankle is a sprain before you decide to deal with it , nor should you wait for your “down” feeling to turn into depressive disorders . If you feel signs and symptoms are stopping you from enjoying your daily life , get it checked out , do something about the issue at hand and return to full-throttle living .
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Re: If I have signs, am i mentally ill ?

Postby HesDeltanCaptain » Sat Nov 23, 2013 3:08 pm

Problem with mental illness symptomology and diagnostics is it relies almost entirely and exclusively with verbal exchanges with the patient. Thus, how well someone communicates, or not, can effect the diagnosis. Conversation's a social skill we all learn growing up to varying degrees, but as a loner myself I never got very good at it and it comes out when trying to speak aloud (online writing everything out I'm very eloquent in comparison.) So if you speak to someone whose only thing is being bad at conversation they might well exhibit symptoms of some mental illness while they're in fact just bad conversationalists.

Also, there's Medical Student's Disease which would likely be a factor to watch out for too. If you're specificly looking for something to be wrong you'll probably have no trouble finding something.
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