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Genital infection contracted while asleep?

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Genital infection contracted while asleep?

Postby HiddenExit77 » Wed Jan 02, 2013 8:31 am

Hello...this is kind of a complex post. It kind of overlaps with the Borderline Personality Disorder topic. I have had a vague and tumultuous relationship with this girl for almost two years now. She definitely suffers from BPD although she will not acknowledge that. Our relationship has been defined by all the trademarks of that situation- and I do accept blame for perpetuating relationships with those who are most harmful to me - those girls who are sweet and naughty at the same time, sneaky, a little sadistic, and full of "Daddy Issues"/looking for a knight in shining armor. On to the sexuality bit and my question. There is no doubt in my mind that this girl has done sexual things to me while I was asleep - and she has now finally kind of admitted that to me (that seems to be a running theme in my relationships: people taking advantage of me in my sleep). Well, we had a real rough spot where she fell in love with my best friend at the time. It was a horrific time for me emotionally, and that only fed her ego and, in the long term, her attachment to me. I stopped seeing that former best friend for a while, and I was tormented by the suspicion that she was hooking up with him - eventually I accepted that it had probably happened, and that maybe it was a good thing in the end because he was a really lonely guy who needed a little validation. Anyway, I start to notice that my testicles/scrotum itch and sting really bad - like a real sharp stinging throughout the day, all over my scrotum. Not long after I notice this, I end up (inadvertently) hanging out with that former guy friend. He says that he has some kind of infection in which his balls itch all the time. The way he describes it sounds EXACTLY like what I have. I kind of forget about this for a while, but then one day I am texting with the girl and I say "by the way, my balls have been itching and stinging really bad, I wonder what that's about" and she says something like "well you could go to so-and-so clinic, i went there for a pap smear for an infection it could be that" (all one sentence). I say "It could be that?" She says "Infection". End of conversation. Now, when she and I were last hanging out, she was living in my small apartment with me. She and I have never physically had sex while awake that I remember (except on Skype if you can count that) but I know she has fooled with me in my sleep. In fact, when she was living with me she strongly encouraged me to go to bed/sleep naked at night. One night I went to sleep naked with just a thin sheet covering me, with her in the room. When i wake the next morning, a long dark hair (could only be hers) was stuck in my foreskin. I figured she had performed oral sex on me. My question is, could I have gotten this infection from her? Wouldn't that mean that she had performed full intercourse with me in my sleep? Would she be able to pull that off?

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