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Weird visual disturbances... haaalp!

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Weird visual disturbances... haaalp!

Postby stella55 » Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:03 pm

Hi everyone,

I decided to create this topic because I don't know what to think anymore. Over half a year ago, I started experiencing weird visual disturbances, they were occasional at first, but now they're just chronic. I've seen two ophtalmologists, they both said my eyes were fine (apart from the usual myopia). I might see a neurologist in the future. But my mom, who used to work both as a neurologist as well as a psychiatrist, suspected that these symptoms might be psychosomatic, since I have OCD and many other anxiety problems. I also experience other psychosomatic symptoms, like the irritable bowel syndrome, trembling heart etc., but lately I'm really worried about my eyes.

Let me just list the visual disturbances that I have:
* Experienced an ocular migraine attack which started all the other symptoms: developed a scotoma, then started seeing moving colourful zigzag lines on a black background which slowly got bigger and bigger until it finally faded slowly;
* Started seeing weird small bright dots when blinking, similar to floaters, but not moving;
* Started seeing random self-appearing after-images that disappear quickly;
* Started having trouble looking at lines or grids because I see waves similar to those that you may see when someone wears striped clothes on television; bright color combinations (red/blue) also irritate my eyes;
* When looking at a plain bright background and moving eyes quickly up and down or to the sides, I see sudden flashes of capilary-like structures (similar to the Purkinje tree);
* Also started having white flashes when moving my eyes quickly in a completely dark room;
* Sometimes things in my peripheric vision seem to tremble or be moving;
* "Flickering light" effect in the peripheric vision, usually in dim light or when I look at something bright and then at something dark;
* Eye pain (sometimes pulsating and with a headache) and eye muscle pain. Usually before the weather changes, or during "wet" times (autumn, winter);
* And I can get dizziness attacks after looking at a monitor for a long time. But I can also get them when I'm at the supermarket, and I noticed I can artificially create them, so maybe it's panic related.

I did tons of research, but I only get results on the separate symptoms, not something that would explain all of them. Chronic ocular migraine caused by stress would seem quite plausible, but I only found this suggestion on one site and couldn't get more information on it. On some sites, I found stress and anxiety as the suggestions, but it seems there hasn't been much research on the topic.

All this causes so much stress and anxiety. I don't even know what's happening to me anymore. Has anyone experienced something similar to what I've described? I would feel much better if I found out the cause. Thanks to everyone who replies.
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Re: Weird visual disturbances... haaalp!

Postby realityhere » Sat Sep 10, 2016 10:22 pm

I have had silent migraines over the years. Usually starts with a semi-circular zigzagged line, which is called a scintillation, like a C-shape that then radiates out and becomes larger as it fades to the periphery of my vision. The area within that C-shaped scotoma is usually somewhat out of focus. This is typically called a migraine aura in general. Takes about anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes to fade out. I avoid window blinds with sun shining thru, because it's a major trigger. Bright sunlight then suddenly going into shade can also trigger it. Sometimes lack of sleep or exhaustion can trigger it. For other ppl, it's certain foods that trigger it.

Medical researchers still are not sure what causes these silent migraines without head pain, but it does have something to do with overstimulation of nerve cells in the brain's occipital lobe (visual part of the brain) and then a sudden drop of activity. The wave effect spreads from the occipital lobe to the parietal lobe (body sensation part of the brain) and sometimes to the temporal lobe (hearing part of the brain), which accounts for some sufferers' having also hearing symptoms with silent migraines.

It's nothing to worry about-- silent migraines are fairly common and are not threats to a person's life and don't have permanent effects on one's vision. Just learn to avoid the factors that can trigger such a migraine. Migraines with severe head pain and ensuing nausea are debilitating and often require medical treatment, especially if they're frequent. Those are also preceded by auras which usually occur right before the head pain hits, kind of like a warning system. If you've never had such migraines with accompanying severe head pain, count yourself lucky that you only get the silent type.

The rest of what you describe of your eye symptoms are not so much symptoms, but part and parcel of what everybody experiences from time to time with their eye vision. There's nothing in those eye vision quirks to worry about, they don't permanently affect your eye vision overall. The eye and eye muscle pain in changes of weather may be a body reaction to changing temps and humidity levels in the air. Some ppl with asthma know winter is coming because their attacks increase with cold weather. Just like some people can tell if it's going to rain because their feet corns hurt. :wink:
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Re: Weird visual disturbances... haaalp!

Postby youarehere » Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:16 am

Hi,, i have ALL exactly the same things..and have had them for YEARS it used to be a lot worse when i was a teenager.

So bad i wen to eye doctor and also had MRIS back then.

most is kind of gone but now i have diff things like all u mention.

I have a question have you ever done LSD or MESCALINE? or mushrooms?


the doctor said it was something called SIlent migraines. not sure if it's true.
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