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Could it be somatization?

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Could it be somatization?

Postby KelRoli » Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:11 pm

I wanted to hear the opinion of other people, maybe someone who has/knows a lot about somatization disorder, on my situation. I suspect I have somatization disorder (and maybe hypochondria):

I have been feeling a variety of symptoms in the past 3 years that I never got to find the reason for. Pain in my back, throat pain, feeling tired, They worried me a lot too, and I always end up thinking the worst possibilities for each symptom (for example, my back pain, I end up thinking I have a floating kidney). Last year my mother got diagnosed with a Peripheral neuropathy (not genetic), and ever since I've been feeling very tired. I thought it could be anemia but I tested it and my blood's in perfect condition. Recently, I've been also feeling a lot of pain and numbness on my legs (symptoms my mom has) and can't sleep at night thinking I have sclerosis or her illness. Also, after a dramatic discussion with my father I started feeling my face numb. I wanted to try doing an exam to see if I have any problem on my nerves but my mom did and it's painful. I've been to a psychiatrist and he didn't diagnose me as anything but I can't see any other psychiatrist, and thus am living in hell for not knowing what I have.

Is it even worth doing the nerve exam? Should I just take it I have somatization disorder? I think I'll never be diagnosed and it bothers me so much. I keep searching the net for my symptoms or somatization disorder cuz it makes me anxious all the time. Also I have social anxiety.

Thanks anyone who read this!
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