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Social Anxiety a klonopin withdrawal symptom?

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Social Anxiety a klonopin withdrawal symptom?

Postby Cporosus1 » Tue Oct 08, 2019 9:39 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm new to these forums but I have a question regarding klonopin withdrawal. I started taking klonopin back in January of 2018 because I was unable to sleep. I have long had sleep problems but at this time I went 2 weeks without even a minute of sleep so I was at my wits end and klonopin was the only thing that worked. Anyway, I took it for 11 days straight and then after that I only took it once or twice per week (I took unisom the remaining days of the week, as it worked as well). Anyway, I continued taking 1-2mg twice per week at night for about 8 months, then I suddenly started noticing something I have never had before- severe debilitating social anxiety with panic attacks. I was in my last semester of college and while in class I suddenly started sweating, my heart in my throat, my intestines in a knot, unable to speak when spoken to. It was very uncharacteristic of my usually very confident self and the only thing that had changed is I was using benzos (and unisom, but I don't that is associated with anxiety). Anyway, I have repeatedly tried to get off them, but there will often be once a week where I have no choice but to take a single dose because I have to go out in public to do something (it has gotten to the point that I cannot even go through a check out line at a grocery store). The anxiety is mostly with the anticipation of social interaction, rather than unexpected social interaction. So things that I know I have to do are way worse than people just randomly approaching me. Anyway, now I have someone to do things for me for a month while I attempt to kick this all together and get back to my normal self. Does this sound like benzo withdrawal? Any tips? Thanks!
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