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Social Phobia at its highest! & more...

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Social Phobia at its highest! & more...

Postby inneed95 » Sun Jun 09, 2019 2:49 am

Hi! i am 22 years old male. From a general perspective, I have social phobia. However, there are many branches of it. As some of them reasons some are results. I will count them one by one and will ask only one question "what should I feel/do to believe I can make another day of my life better?". Let's pass onto them:

A) My family didn't follow a normal diet and I became excessive obese (almost 270 lbs!) at the age of 15. This caused 2 things.

A.1) Incredibly introverted personality.
A.2) Underdeveloped penis (nearly 1.5 inch less than average) and this caused 2 things.

A.2.1) Embittered introverted personality, almost no social interaction in high school years.
A.2.2) Escaping from sexual relationship at the age of 22, just because of being ashamed. [This hurts me more than all them, because having feeling of never will be able to satisfy a woman (especially the one I love) just kills me.]

B) Not having the luck of nice genes from family and being ugly as the result of it. I am not that really ugly to not even look at my face, but to be honest in a room full of 10 men I would have a high chance to be in last 4 in means of beauty and handsomeness. [but when they work together ( genes and being fat) there is no chance at all!]

In conclusion, as being ugly, fat and having underdeveloped sexual organ; I have no desire to live. Think about it, I can't have a girlfriend; beacuse I won't be able to satisfy her! I had/have girlfriends in my life but I always stayed away from having sexual intercourse. So, let's say life is not about relationships; I'd take that but being have to stay away from it instead of staying away willingly annoyes me more then. I can't go outside without having (almost) panick attacks (maybe body-dysmorphic-disorder?), I can't be happy(depression) because I have almost no self-confidence(anxiety) and have no reason to believe I can be happy; therefore I can't be productive(social phobia) in my education life. Only think I can proud be proud of is that I have high intelligence [that I can not use].

What should I do to believe for a better tomorrow? :| Thanks for reading.
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Re: Social Phobia at its highest! & more...

Postby thegentlepath » Wed Jun 26, 2019 3:33 pm

I’m sorry that happened to you inneed95. Just one thing: burn more calories than you consume. It sounds like your coping mechanism has been food. Branch out some. Try many things. Keep trying things until you’ve found other coping mechanisms, then continue adding things until you have an infinite number of coping mechanisms. This other stuff will either work itself out or not. Good luck.
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