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A former smoker's take on quiting smoking

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A former smoker's take on quiting smoking

Postby Taylormeister » Mon Jun 18, 2012 7:20 am

People always say it is so hard to quit smoking cigarettes. Quiting trying to quit is so easy though. I just wanna throw my opinion out there as a former smoker of 12 years. Some people will say im full of $#%^ but this worked for me and it wasn't that hard. A cigarette does not relieve stress. A cigarette wont make your boss any less of an asshole at work because he is trained to treat you like a slave and a moron regardless of whether or not you light up. So just take it for how it is. Life sucks and the cigarette wont make that asshole or the stress go away. Unless you take comfort in the fact that you will die sooner the cigarette serves no purpose. I failed to quit on my first two attempts because I was letting my mind get in the way of it. No matter what, that cigarette never changed a thing about my life and a lot of the times I would just feel worse not better. Wake up and say im not going to smoke today. If you are really ready to quit, you won't smoke. When I looked at it from this perspective I never smoked another cigarette. It has been 2 years since I lit up and now I can't stand the smell of it. I don't crave it at all anymore and now I don't have to pay money for death. Let the fluoride in my water work its magic or the gmo foods ###$ me up before I turn 50.
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Re: A former smoker's take on quiting smoking

Postby jilkens » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:07 am

Congrats on quitting! That's a good perspective to have.
You don't crave it at all anymore? I think you might be in a (lucky) thin minority with that because every other former smoker I've talked to still gets cravings, even if they quit over a decade ago. I quit over 2 years ago and still get cravings, some of which are intense, but I deal with them. I can't justify going back to an addiction that cost a good chunk of money, stank, and made me sick often.
For some, it's more than mind over matter. There are people with anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, or mood disorders who risk having relapses because of the withdrawal and stress from quitting. The changes in medication metabolism that results from suddenly quitting smoking can also cause some issues, so this is the type of decision that needs to have some forethought in order to succeed.
Blame it on me, but know that I won't regret one iota.
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