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Smoking vs Vaping? I need to quit

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Smoking vs Vaping? I need to quit

Postby Sall » Wed Apr 26, 2017 2:00 pm

I've been a smoker for a longer period of time because I started when I was 18. Well, teenagers have stupid ideas. The first thing that started to annoy me were my yellow teeth, my sensitive teeth couldn't stand the whitening so cigarettes and coffee made them ugly.
Then it was the smell. Maybe when I was younger I just pretended I don't feel it, or just pretending that it is so cool to be one smelly cigarette person.
Finally, there was a problem with my endurance on the gym. I couldn't handle simple cardio. That's when my friends recommended vaping. So there was one article about smoking vs vaping? and I started wondering - well, I'm still smoking if I'm vaping, right...?
Currently, I am keeping some statistics with my weight and gym progress (Bridget Jones wannabe) but I need some strength to quit vaping to see how much it will change my life.
I think my addiction is combined with two aspects - one is the nicotine, but the other one is the celebration of smoking. I've heard about using lollipop or cinnamon stick to satisfy the craving.
So yeah, that is my story. I will try to make some updates later.
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Re: Smoking vs Vaping? I need to quit

Postby CelestialFlame » Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:17 pm

Technically vaping isnt smoking although the juice can have nicotine in it among other addictive substances like cigarettes but it is also much healthier because it doesnt use tobacco and you can get really delicious flavors of e-juice.
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Re: Smoking vs Vaping? I need to quit

Postby ares224 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:34 pm

This is a really old post, but I feel I should make a reply for when someone else wonders the same thing.

I started smoking when I was 13. I started dipping when I was 18, to try to stop smoking, and then I started vaping when I was 19 to try to stop smoking. Between the ages of 19 and 25, I smoked, vaped, and dipped....frequently all at the same time. Trying to chase that head rush.

I stopped smoking and dipping altogether when I turned 26 and got out of the environment I was in. (Everyone smoked and often the only way to get a break was to go outside and have a smoke, so non-smokers often couldn't get away unless it was to eat. True, being the "one in charge", I could've just walked off. But being around people who smoke, especially when they offer you a smoke, it's hard to not cave.) I even tried nicotine gum, at one point. My best friend and I both did it at the same time. Our reactions were the same: It just made us want to have a smoke.

But after I got out of the environment I was in, I started vaping only. Once in a blue moon I'll roll up a cigarette (using stale tobacco, because I don't smoke often) and have a smoke, because I never quit. I told myself I wasn't quitting, just taking a break because I couldn't afford it.

I used to vape 18mg (1.8%) nicotine, and in the last year and a half I've been able to reduce my nicotine level down to 12mg (1.2%). I can somewhat breathe better. (I work in a high-dust environment, so it's kinda hard to tell these days.) I can actually smell people who smoke, now.

The main thing, for a LOT of people is that electronic cigarettes don't look or feel like regular cigarettes. The best advice anyone can give anyone is find what works for you and don't think of e-cigs as being NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy). Think of it as a way to get your nicotine fix without going outdoors, if you can vape in the house. Or think of it as a way to help your sense of smell. You could taper off like I was trying to do and even get to the point where you're vaping 0mg nicotine. (I say trying because I don't really like lower nicotine levels, as it doesn't feel the same to me. That warm hit in the back of your throat.)

We can't call vaping a smoking cessation product, because it's not FDA approved. But the truth is, it's helped a lot of people stop altogether. It's a happy side-effect. And don't use non-reputable e-liquid vendors, as some companies (mostly Chinese and others who make it out of their garage) will use anti-freeze as a base. Which is definitely harmful to your health. Liquids may be cheaper, but you're going to have some medical issues in the future.
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