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I need help

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I need help

Postby El » Wed Feb 08, 2006 4:58 pm

Hi everyone!
I am 22 and i ve been a sleepwalker all my life but it seems to be getting worse with time.
When i sleepwalk i scream and shout and talk sensless things, there is a dream ,mostly the same one beg=hind each one of my cases but i never remember the dream when i wake up, there is only a feeling left and i do not remember anything else.
I can never sleep normally, i am afraid of ghosts as(and i have no idea why) well so it really makes my nights a nightmare. I am so confused because it is really affecting my life and i can never sleep alone i am always stuck to my boyfriend and i never let him sleep because i always scream in my dreams and sleepwalk as well.Last timeduring sleepwlaking i called an ambulance ,my boyfriend didnt realize i was sleepwlaking untill i started talking sensless to the guy on the phone, and when i woke up siting on chair i didnt remeber anything.I is a funny story but taht is a harmless one, all the others are not giving me a minute rest during the night.
If anyone of you knows something and can give an advice i would love to hear it.


Postby blueiceenvy » Thu Dec 06, 2007 11:12 am

I have the same problem!
Nightmares, sleepwalking, never called someone though, I woke up once with a knife in my hand asking my ex-boyfriend who he was. I dumped that guy 2 weeks later.
I noticed that every time I have problems with my boyfriends I tend to scream and sleepwalk a lot.
I'm happy with my actual boyfriend. He says that I speak French when I'm sleeping sometimes but I don't scream! I was surprised because I always scream the first time I sleep with someone!
I've been having nightmares and sleepwalking a lot ever since I came back. We have a long distance relationship.
I think I'm going to consult a sleeping specialist. I heard that you can sleep at the hospital and they put electrodes all over your head and they even film you while you're asleep. Buy they don't know much about the disorder. It's cool to participate to the research though :D
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