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really worried about this for uni!

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really worried about this for uni!

Postby Themaskedcardigan » Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:30 pm

hi :), basically i have been sleepwalking since i was 3 years old, i am now almost 17 and i still do it almost every night :S
i also talk constantly in my sleep....
i have issues falling asleep too, and no matter how early i get to bed i wont drift off until past midnight, and it isnt because i do nothing in the day, i wake at 6 and dont get back from college until half 5 so i am always exhausted! i have also tried not drinking anything with caffeine in and not eating sugary foods and i have tried nightol but i am unwilling to try for prescription drugs as i am young :/
i have not been able to fall asleep easily since i can remember :/
the sleepwalking scares me though, i have been in my mums room a lot of times, and she has found me at the top of the stairs a lot too. she has even found me in the garden trying to gather things :S
i was wondering if anybody else could relate and maybe offer some help? thank you :)
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Re: really worried about this for uni!

Postby Ada » Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:51 pm

Have you talked to your doctor about this? I understand why you might not want to try medication straight away, but they might be able to make other suggestions or refer you to a Sleep Clinic for help. The sleepwalking would be an issue at Uni, being disturbing for you and roomies, and potentially putting you at risk too. Worth tackling it this year, while there's time.

I sleepwalked as a child, but haven't done it since puberty [although I do still talk in my sleep and add TOTALLY random items to my To Do list that I keep next to the bed. :roll: ]
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