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Medication that works!

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Medication that works!

Postby Blueskybreeze » Fri Oct 20, 2017 6:22 pm

Hey everyone,

I'm new here...If you want to read my full story, I just posted it on the Trichotillomania board that's also listed under Impulse Control.

Here's what I'm here to say...
I've found a medicine that works for me!
I have Trichotillomania, but for about 5 years, I also stole compulsively. Anytime I was upset, angry, bored, or feeling numb, I would steal!
A lot of times, I'd take things I didn't really want or need. I'd have plenty of money in my wallet, but would walk out without paying for anything. It became a very therapeutic, ritualistic compulsion. I tried to stop many, many times to no avail!

I developed a severe case of paranoia from my years shoplifting. I'd be convinced that a random guy who made eye-contact with me in the store or parking lot, was sent to follow me. I thought my parents, the cops, the store, government, really anyone and everyone was in on it and wanted to expose me! I thought everyone knew my secret! But in all actuality, I was never caught.
This feeling of paranoia eventually subsided once I quit stealing for good.
But the thing is, when I stopped stealing, I turned even harder towards hair-pulling, and other addictive behaviors like smoking weed all day, to release my compulsions.
For years, I would bounce from one horrible stress outlet to another. Never did I have a time where I wasn't compulsively engaging in some sort of negative behavior. :?

Here's what helped me:
A medication called Naltrexone.
This medicine is prescribed primarily for people with alcoholism or opioid addictions...
it works by blocking the opioid receptors in the brain, and it essentially makes addictive behaviors less pleasurable. Basically, it's re-wiring the patterns in our brains that we've created to find relief from stealing and things of the sort.

This medicine hasn't really been tested a whole lot yet, BUT a study done on dogs shows lots of promise! They gave Naltrexone to dogs who over-groomed themselves compulsively (that wasn't explained by any sort of skin disorder or fleas), and most of the dogs showed significant improvement in stopping the behavior!
If you read the wikipedia page on Naltrexone, there is a small section that states that this medicine has worked on some people with Kleptomania and gambling addiction.

For me, it has done wonders in helping me stop hair-pulling! I not only feel the urge FAR less often, but when I do engage in the behavior, it doesn't give me the same "feel-good" relief like it used to.
For the first week of taking it, I had some fatigue and nausea, but all of that subsided.

Naltrexone is a life saver for me!! Don't give up, keep searching for what works for you!
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