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Keeping it up!

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Keeping it up!

Postby Naiwen » Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:36 pm

I've been clear for 6 whole months now, and not even getting triggered at all. It seems like my urge just faded into oblivion and the thrill I was getting with it just faded away too. I'm so light and happy now that I'm def healed from it! And I stopped binge spending too, getting a few new things from time to time, not every day. And I'm having much more to spend on healthier eating and drinking, and at the same time, I lost some weight without exercising, just eating and drinking healthier and less. I've been proud of my healing accomplishments. I feel like I didn't live in vain and am enjoying little pleasures in life. Treating myself to unhealthy things once in a blue moon as a reward for not binge spending. I typically just spend on a cup of coffee and something to eat out and not everyday. That's all. So I've been saving a lot and there's lots of things I can afford currently.
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Re: Keeping it up!

Postby NewSunRising » Fri Aug 04, 2017 4:10 pm


I said it in the post above , but it's worth repeating : I love seeing your posts ! Your story proves that with commitment and determination , we can make our lives better .

I am so very happy for you .
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