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Shoplifting as a result of trauma?

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Shoplifting as a result of trauma?

Postby electraheart » Thu Jul 02, 2015 7:01 pm

Hi! I've been kind of wandering around lots of forums on here, and I posted something about my PTSD earlier (here's to hoping that gets approved soon!). So anyways, I'm 16 years old and I think I have a shoplifting addiction? (I'm assuming that's pretty obvious since I'm posting in a shoplifting forum.)

I think my shoplifting addiction stems from my PTSD - or, at least, the trauma I went through to wind up with PTSD. I only started lifting towards the end of an abusive relationship around 9 months ago. Since then, I've been shoplifting pretty often. But I've noticed that I tend to lift more frequently and with greater quantities of stuff very shortly after a flashback/panic attack/whatever weird trauma stuff is even happening.

So it's got me wondering.. can something like this be triggered by PTSD (or, at least, trauma?) And has anyone else experienced anything like this?
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Re: Shoplifting as a result of trauma?

Postby Lisaemily1 » Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:11 pm

Hi. First I'd like to say I'm sorry for having this monkey on your back. I started shoplifting when I was four. You're starting now. I'm trying to get help, finally, although I'm 50 now and have been arrested 3 times. (Please try to get help now because you haven't been caught yet. You're safe. Like everyone else, you will eventually get caught). Therapy is hard to find because a lot of professionals don't know how to treat this and also there is so much shame associated with this it's hard to open up tomanyone about it let alone a stranger.
I finally searched for help. I did an online self help program which scared me but not enough to stop. I now see a therapist who is researching and trying to help me. Also a psychiatrist for medication therapy.
I have been given tools to help me stay safe but ultimately I contine. I've actually walked out of a store with a treadmill. Got a wheel carrier at the front of the store and rolled my treadmill right out. It starts out small and with every episode, and not getting caught, you get a rush and it emboldens you to go bigger.
Let me tell you one thing. It is horrifying to be arrested. And the first time they will go easy on you. But after that, it's harsh. And jail time is a real possibility.
I'm not trying to scare you; I only want to relay what will happen. You are still young. It will easier to stop with help. If you let me know your specific style of shoplifting, I can share the tools I have been given. Maybe they will help you. I take something from every store I enter. So the tool I was given is to not carry a purse with you going into a store. Sorry so long. I think the PTSD does play a part. My OCD plays a part and I do have PTSD so thank you for mentioning that. I never thought of that before. Anyway, I'm here to get help and if I can help you with my tools, I'm happy to. Sincerely, Lisa
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Re: Shoplifting as a result of trauma?

Postby loser16 » Sat May 14, 2016 8:59 am

Please share with me specifics on how you stopped or how you are doing better now. I Can't stop it! Lots of shame, embarrassment over it. Eats me up. What can I go to stop it. Telling myself to stop it doesn't work. I just have the urge to "get something for nothing". I've been caught 6 times! Stupid me!
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