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It will stop when it must

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It will stop when it must

Postby PaperHeart » Wed Feb 25, 2015 2:48 am

I used to shoplift daily...booze (as a vital) food (as a treat) and the expensive (for some kinda thrill, I didn't often have a use for the new tech merchandise) But I only ever stole from super-markets...The companies that would rather bin food than give it to the hungry, I firmly believe these places need to be robbed as some payback to the extortion that lines their pockets. Until your freedom is at stake there's no issue with robin hooding.
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Re: It will stop when it must

Postby sunshineNrainbows » Fri Dec 30, 2016 8:10 pm

But there is an issue with "Robin Hooding". How do they know items are going missing because they're not being more helpful with their expiring food? How will they look at someone, such as yourself, and say "Oh, he's simply punishing us for the error of our ways"? The problem with "Robin Hooding" is they're not going to make this determination. They're going to look at the thefts as people taking what they want out of desperation, greed, lack of morals, or some other ignoble motivation. They won't do more to help the hungry just because people are shoplifting.

If you really want a company to give more food to the hungry, ask to deliver their expired/expiring goods to shelters and the like. If you want the world to change, such as through super-markets better providing non-sellable food to the hungry, then be that change. The shoplifting won't stop when it must. It'll stop when you realize "eye for an eye" doesn't work. It'll stop when you wake up and realize this idea of "Robin Hooding" is simply a justification for you yourself to be selfish. It'll stop when you value being the best person you can be more than valuing the goods you can take.
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