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Not Addicted

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Not Addicted

Postby Acedia Tristitia » Mon Feb 23, 2015 3:22 am

I don't consider myself addicted, as I'm an occasional shoplifter, and I don't do it compulsively, I do it calculatingly, more to save money than for the thrill, although there is a slight thrill (then again, I always keep the price low, so as to avoid capture/penalties, it might be more stimulating if I stole more expensive items).
Ever since I've been charged, convicted and sentenced for armed robbery, I no longer shoplift really, instead I fool the "self checkout machines" or whatever it is they're called, I punch in this cheap thing, when i'm really getting that expensive thing, I don't place the items fully on the scale and so on, to save a few bucks.
I have absolutely no guilt or shame about doing this, and if my mother wasn't giving me money for nothing on a regular basis, I'd be shoplifting a whole lot more.
I'm not sure why I don't feel guilty, maybe it's because my brains are wired slightly differently than yours or at least in that particular way, or maybe few people, or no one feels guilty, and they just say they do, or think they do.
Also, it probably helps knowing society is largely a bunch of crap anyway, where the spider catches the mosquitoes meanwhile the vampire bats fly right through the webs, unfettered.
I simply cannot keep up with the pace of society, so I have to steal from you, you force me to by drinking 5-7 cappuccinos and trying to outdo one another in who can lick the most corporate hole for the least.
Some say shoplifters drive up the prices of goods, but it works both ways, if the prices weren't so high, many of us wouldn't have to steal, so yeah, there's that.
I don't really have much more to add than that, really, other than I never steal stuff from poor people, only from big business, which I have no qualms over.
For me, property rights are ultimately subjective and like everything, relative.
As the gap between rich/poor grows ever wider (it's the widest it's been in the history of man), the rich lose some of their property rights, and I'm not going to wait around for government or others to get together and deal with things "civilly", because I don't care, life is too short and that'll probably never happen anyway, so I take matters into my own hands.
Acedia Tristitia
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Re: Not Addicted

Postby Jamie514 » Thu Jun 09, 2016 2:47 am

Hey there, I really enjoyed reading your insights. Thing is thinking like you will help many people to become inspiring and get of addiction, who thinks it's possible to beat addiction.

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