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weird group delusions surrounding me

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weird group delusions surrounding me

Postby cassidy77 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 10:42 pm

hello. i should preface this by saying that i suffer from bipolar disorder that veers on schizoaffective disorder; this makes the following issues even more confusing.
people in my life, many of which have been strangers, have viewed me as "God", at least calling me God. this would qualify as shared psychosis, no? recently i lived in a neighborhood where people called me "Jah" or "jah dah" and it did seem that i had some magical powers at the time but the memories are blurred and in retrospect i wonder how much of it was actually happening. any thoughts on this, guys? at times it has almost seemed like a sort of cult situation surrounding me (btw i look a little like jesus when my hair is long)
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Re: weird group delusions surrounding me

Postby Ada » Sun Nov 17, 2013 11:04 pm

That does seem weird, Cassidy. Is it possible that they called you that because you reminded them of God, though? Perhaps in the way you speak or listen to people. Rather than because they thought you were Him. That would be odd [and not very helpful for you!] But could be seen as an unusual compliment rather than a kind of psychosis.

There's no knowing where people get their ideas to nickname other people from. Although looking even a little like Jesus could be giving them a subliminal prompt. Again, I wouldn't see that as a delusion, since in that case, they wouldn't believe you WERE Jesus. Just that there was a resemblance.
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