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Subconscious Thoughts

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Subconscious Thoughts

Postby user497620 » Tue Mar 10, 2020 4:52 pm

Hi everyone.
I was doing so well lately and I’m still attracted to women but lately, I’ve just had this worrying doubt about subconscious desires. You see whenever I get aroused by women it’s like my mind or some sort of imaginary thing saying to me that I’m just covering it up and that I’m just lying to myself and that it’s all false.
I’m not attracted to men and never have been. But it’s like my mind is saying to me that I’m just lying to myself but I’m not lying. Whenever I get aroused, it’s always by women and I always think about women and never about anything else. It just makes me feel worried about subconscious thoughts and it scares me all the time.
Please lend me some advice or thoughts and I hope that this makes sense
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