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Just a bit confused and wondering if it means anything.

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Just a bit confused and wondering if it means anything.

Postby ReinQuest » Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:34 pm

I’ve been wondering if this has anything to do with my difficulties in making a romantic connection. This will probably sound weird but here’s the basics.

In the past I’ve met people online through shared interests. Gender and orientation didn’t really matter because I had nothing to do with why we shared interests. Just for examples sake being a man or woman had not impact on liking a video game. And as such this never really came up for a really long time. I don’t recall the discussion that did bring it up but I had someone say they thought I was a lesbian to which others agreed that was what they saw in me just from text chats.

I’m in fact a guy who’s attracted to women. I don’t see myself as anything but a guy either.

Moving further I recently read a short interactive lesbian romance book. I found the story way more connective (or relatable) than reading a story with a traditional male/female romance.

I’m just wondering if this is odd. Is there some connection maybe to my difficulties in the search for a relationship?
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Re: Just a bit confused and wondering if it means anything.

Postby Zoicite23 » Thu Oct 03, 2019 10:45 am


There's nothing wrong with identifying with femininity. Being transgender would be accompanied with dysphoria, a debilitating condition where you hate the gender of the body you're in and its gender-specific features. You didn't mention anything about this.

Ask yourself these questions: How do you feel about your male body? How would you feel about being a woman? Or living life as a woman, wearing dresses or makeup or whatever else?

I don't understand how what you've explained could impact on your ability to find a relationship. Do you think you're looking for a conventional heterosexual relationship despite identifying with femininity? Good luck and keep searching :D
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