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I'm unsure about my sexuality

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I'm unsure about my sexuality

Postby Careria » Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:27 pm

Hello, could you help me identifying my sexuality? I'm a male and I consider myself as a male. My age is mid 20s.
Emotionally or romantically, I'm attracted to both males and females. I have both male friends and female friends. The number of male friends is larger. I have attracted to some of them (including both males and females), but as I was not courageous enough I kept it secret and never dated with them. I think they consider me just as a friend. Though I'd love to date with someone I'm attracted to in the future, regardless of their gender.
However, physically, I'm attracted only to males. Sorry for a bit obscene wording. Unlike usual gays, I'm not interested in muscles or ass, and I don't want to have a gay sex. I'm attracted only to penis (preferably unerected one) and want to see it.
Am I bisexual or homosexual? Or something else?
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Re: I'm unsure about my sexuality

Postby Snaga » Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:07 pm

Sounds as if you're bisexual, but that is a large umbrella.

Have you taken any self-tests? Try searching for the Flexuality Test, it's a pretty good one and my favourite sexual orientation self-test.

But it does sound as if you're bisexual to some degree.

I'm interested in the penis thing- only flaccid? And no desire for sex with a guy?

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