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sexual feelings for family members.

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sexual feelings for family members.

Postby Jordan123 » Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:18 pm

I had sexual feelings for a member of my not so immediate family. She is my 1st cousin who lives far away and we were close a while ago but I hadn't seen her in 8 years. She contacted me for a meeting. She is 20 now I am 37, we had a nice talk She slept at my house I offered her to sleep on the couch it is too small for me but she said my bed is better. This was on her stop coming from London where she lives. The next day we parted and she went on to travel. On the way back she was again in my city to catch the airplane this time for the return trip, same things happened. She slept in my bed again, after a very nice evening chatting and catching up. I got a sense that she might want more, I am not sure though, She is young and very attractive I guess I don't speech to such girls anymore - I have no social reason to. I was n't touching her, but she was cuddling in bed and I had a hard on, Obviously she could feel it. I wanted to touch her though and for her to touch me. I was also moving against her, her breaths became short and fast paced, so I turned away and left her alone. Nothing else happened, but I still feel like it was a betrayal on my part. Well, I guess that is it.
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Re: sexual feelings for family members.

Postby wowyf » Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:58 pm

glad you shared; I totally get it. I once had a close call with a first cousin and for years I've felt really guilty and embarrassed about it. I've always stressed and wondered, did she tell her family, etc, did she bring it up to her boyfriends in the future, yada yada...was that encounter a source of shame for her, etc? It's just not worth it. In fact she will respect you even more if you don't make a move. It will add way too much difficulty to your life and hers for you take it too far.

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and plus, the fact that you're so much older than her, it will be easy for others to paint you as a "creep" who took advantage of a young girl. If something did happen, and you're looking for someone to say, "it's okay, man, don't beat yourself up about it" - I'll say that too. Because for real, I get it. Especially with all the complicated incest porn out there, it really rewires brains...but really, it's just not worth taking it any further than it's already gone due to the emotional processing that will vicitmize you (and her) potentially for years to come. That being said- if it DID happen...I'm not judging you at all. I know how difficult that situations can be...
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Re: sexual feelings for family members.

Postby Snaga » Sun Nov 18, 2018 12:20 am

Moved to sexuality.

I think the more important problem is the age gap, although being related may also post a problem- both together probably would make a relationship really difficult. Not sure what the law is in your jurisdiction but the mere fact of her being a first cousin is in some places not a legal problem. Family perception, however, could be. Similar ages I'd be more inclined to weather the family issues, but the fact she's a first cousin and considerably younger, I'd say a no go for me, for the time being, if it were me....

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Re: sexual feelings for family members.

Postby Jerome283 » Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:39 am

I had same-sex sexual relations with a cousin multiple times a year when we were very young. After he introduced me, I would always look forward to it. It was his idea to begin with.
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