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I thought it was ocd

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I thought it was ocd

Postby jbell777 » Mon Sep 24, 2018 6:31 am

I need help I thought it was Hocd but now I’m doubting it tonight has been bad, I’ve loved women as long as I could remember my first crush was in tball, at 10 I imagined having sex with a girl, always fell for them got crushes on them I remember getting them in church really bad, now like everyone I’ve had great sex and bad sex. I’m very picky when it comes to girls my first time wasn’t the best, the second time I enjoyed the third girl I was with had saggy boobs and personally never liked saggy boobs and I had Hocd at this time at first my head would say I didn’t like the way her vagina felt but then the next day I did bc I knew what it was, but some reason her boobs no matter weren’t my favorite even the way they felt but I loved her a lot, we broke up so I did girls here and there, but with ocd which I’ve had all my life and Hocd it’s hard to enjoy things, there was moments boobs and vagina felt good again other times not so much so I stopped bc of this Hocd but then I began testing myself with masturbation it took months before I could get the image of a dude in there bc I kept trying to see if I was gay well gay porn doesn’t really arouse me lesbian porn everytime, but now it’s like after trying to test myself to a dude all I can get is a dude and I hate it I try to enjoy the image of a dude but I just can’t and if it feels like I am a little bit I get scared that I’m gay or what if it society thing and I’m gay, I test myself by looking up pictures of men’s butts lately and I don’t find enjoyment, idk who I am anymore, I found a girl I like a lot but I feel maybe at the same time I need to let her go bc what if I’m gay I don’t wanna hurt her I just need some help please
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