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Married but have gay fantasy

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Married but have gay fantasy

Postby mrbassman » Mon Aug 13, 2018 3:32 am

I've been happily married for 16 years and have a few fantasies that involve my wife.... but I also have a kind of gay fantasy

I would love to masturbate another man and make them ejaculate over / into a handkerchief... I don't know why this is or why I have this fantasy, but for some reason it turns me on... I also fantasize about the man returning the favour and making me ejaculate over / into one of their (clean) handkerchiefs.

I don't want to have sex with another man, nor would I want another man to put their penis in my bum hole, but I'd love to feel a mans stiff penis and make the man ejaculate

is it common for a happily married man to have a fantasy such as this??
I've not mentioned anything to my wife as it might upset her

what are your thoughts on this??
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Re: Married but have gay fantasy

Postby Snaga » Thu Aug 16, 2018 3:14 am

I'm Bi, and most of my fantasies are frankly concerning the male gender; but it's my understanding that gay fantasies aren't uncommon for otherwise straight guys. Not believing many people are 100% straight (or gay), that doesn't seem beyond the pale for me.

And, supposedly a large percentage of the shemale porn genre are straight guys? For whom I suppose a chick with a dick is a.. mentally acceptable way of having penis fantasies. A quick perusal found someone stating there's evidence that straight guys are pretty fascinated with penises. Reckon that makes sense- we have them, after all and a lot of our thoughts revolve around our own, am I wrong? The explanation is that guys are interested in penises (but not men) and women, and well, transsexual porn is like a perfect taboo storm. Now me, I'm very Bi- if a pretty girl has a penis, I'm fine with that, and sure I like kinky as much as the next fella, but I don't have a fetish for it like straighter guys than me do. I rarely go out of my way to look at it- and even if I do, I'll usually finish to the type of men my motor gets running for, if I'm going to look at naked people with penises.

On a bi men's forum I used to belong to, there were some guys like me who are more hedonistic about our same-sex attraction (I can feel romance for males, but my innate instinct is to fall for girls), but even so, I do enjoy the entire package. There were some guys for whom they were closer to gay than straight, they really, really got into men. And there were a lot of guys who called themselves Bi, but were just about the penis, not a square inch of male body more. In my mind, there's probably a fine line between thinking of yourself as straight, but just having penis-centered fantasy, and crossing over into something you're compelled to call bisexual.

That's something that I think a person has to decide for themselves. Me, it was more cut and dried, once I was honest with myself and realised it wasn't merely something I'd never do in real life, or a 'phase'. Because I'm about 50/50. For you, you might for all practical purposes be straight. Like you, I'd enjoy mutual handjobs- in fact it's one of my favourite thoughts. But my thoughts hardly end there and I'd be pleased to do a lot more, and enjoy the entire man while doing it. So I'm clearly Bi.

Technically, to me, nearly everyone has at least a tiny bit of sexuality alternate to their main orientation, so technically, most people are at least a tiny bit Bi. But if you identified as Straight, it ain't worth arguing over, even if we'd just got finished jerking each other off. If 90 percent of you is straight, that's close enough to keep labels simple, isn't it?

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