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Is the person bisexual or not?

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Is the person bisexual or not?

Postby delta3 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:28 pm

Hi there.
I would like some help and insight for my story. Of course, as a narrator of my story, you'll see everything from my own perspective. I'll try to be as objective as possible in order for me to get better answers.

So I'm a bisexual man. I've known it for a while, and totally accepting of it. I've had crushes on both genders, but relationships only with females because in my country same sex relations are frowned upon (social and religious stigma). I've fallen hard for a guy friend of mine and he has become my obsession. A while ago he told me that he's not interested in men which was devastating, not only because I love him but because I'm now questioning my gut instinct. I had feelings for a straight guy once before, and it hurt a lot so I took many precautions with this friend of mine. The goal of this topic is: I want opinion on the guy and his suspicious behaviour.
Sorry for the lenghty post but here is something I wrote before about him:

"Is he gay or not? Everything about him says so. He is extremely close to his mom, he looks feminine, he is eccentric, he looks at men in a weird way, he admitted to having feelings for men for a while (12 year old gay boy), he is touchy at the weirdest times, he notices stuff other male friends dont notice, he looks at me at some point in a weird way, he cried when i told him im indifferent about him and said "i guess im not afraid of being alone anymore and have a good life". He told me that "you are my babe" and I will follow you for the rest of your life. I don't get it but usually guys don't say this. He keeps asking me wether I love him him or not.
Am I missing something? Do I interpret everything he says as signals because I am that attracted to him? Is it all in my mind? Am I the delusional one here? Is all of this me not accepting that hes not interested? Or is it me not accepting the fact that he can't be interested? Or is he lying to himself about his sexuality because he really wants to have a child, and society hates homosexuals? Are his life circumstances not allowing him to be himself? Did I hurt him so much that he lost hope in his homosexual side if it exists? Does he hold grudges? Did he not notice my interest in him? I told him i might develop feelings for you and he replied "i hope you dont". Yet, he keeps calling me "my love", "my babe". If so then he is a manipulator. But why would he manipulate me like this? Why is he so aware of the homosexuality of other guys? A straight guy would not think of all of this. Is he just enjoying the attention im providing?".

Here is one more:
"I love him because he is beautiful in every way. He is all of my sexual fantasies in one entity. He is sensitive, intelligent, caring and strong. He fell, at least for a while, for my inner desire for control.
As much as I try to demonize him, I realize its all me in the end. I tried to manipulate him by ignoring him, not answering his phone calls, make him think that he is doing something wrong. Its a cheap way for me to try to get any upper hand. I guess I fed on the thought of how much I influence him and the way he looks at me. My inner guts told me that he likes me somehow. He initiated our friendship which is weird for such an introverted person. He felt i was bisexual. He even knew it. When I told him i was, he even said that there was a phase where he was only interested in men. This is what makes me question his intentions. Even though he said that he cant return feelings for men and that he is destined for women and that he hopes that i dont develop feelings for him, i feel that something is off. But does this hunch come from his inconsistent behaviour? Or my huge desire of him? This is whats killing me. The way he looks at me is just intriguing, and it plays on this weakness that I have. I never been in a relationship with a guy and maybe I exaggerate what he does which is why I might have fallen so hard for him. But still some of the things he said are usually taken as clues and hints for intentions. Are my senses and intuition that far off from the truth? I guess this what hurts the most, the fact that i might  have believed a lie i created for myself without questioning because it appealed to my every instinct.
In all cases, no matter what the truth is from his side, i now love him. I am stuck in this hurricane of questions that only a conversation with him can answer. I am reluctant as to wether i should talk to him about it because I dont want him to feel guilty for not having/being able to have emotions for me. I also fear his reaction and a more deterministic rejection, even though the first rejection was pretty clear."

I hope I was elaborate enough. I need opinion on the matter. The guy keeps reaching out and saying my love my babe even after he told me that he is not interested in men. I'm just confused and need clarification.
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