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Suppressing the uncommon sexual arousal

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Suppressing the uncommon sexual arousal

Postby banish3d » Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:17 pm

Hello there,

I have a question I have been looking an answer for atleast 10 years. When I was young (about 12-13), I (unwillingly) "developed" a sexual arousal for something. At the time I didn't know why I liked the thing, didn't feel bad about it and masturbation acts basically revolved around it.

When I was 15 I realized it isn't a normal thing, so I tried to stop it. As a heterosexual male, the opposite sex did invoke arousal, but I instantly connected it to the one I developed years ago. It's like being aroused by the opposite sex, but at the same time you have a random fetish. I connected these two, but since I tried to suppress the "fetish" I only masturbated to "normal stuff" for a year. After one year of suppressing inner desires, my mind is going crazy. Masturbation usually kept my mind under control, but it's getting frustrating.

Am I fighting a hopeless battle? I always thought I would "grow out of it", I am of full age now. This is not a festish though, I can be aroused by the opposite sex, but getting an erection is easier & stronger when it's involved
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Re: Suppressing the uncommon sexual arousal

Postby Snaga » Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:31 pm

I guess it depends on what you're referring to as an uncommon sexual arousal.... if you care to elaborate, that would help folks with a reply.

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Re: Suppressing the uncommon sexual arousal

Postby Sadakointhesea » Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:26 am

Hi banish3d,

Sorry that you're having a hard time with this issue. I am female but also have a "fetish" that makes me feel uncomfortable, of which I too hoped I would grow out of.

Are you able to elaborate at all on what this "fetish" is? I'll understand if not.
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Re: Suppressing the uncommon sexual arousal

Postby JessicaLuR » Sun Aug 05, 2018 4:02 pm

I agree with Snaga; it would depend on the object. And "normal" really is a very WIDE range of things. This may not be as abnormal as you think that it is. And even if it is unique does that really make it bad?
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Re: Suppressing the uncommon sexual arousal

Postby mrbassman » Mon Aug 13, 2018 3:20 am

I can relate to what the OP is saying in a way

When I was about 9? I developed a sexual arousal for handkerchiefs – I don’t know how or why, but I just loved rubbing a clean handkerchief over my penis… I used to do this under the bed sheets with a torch as I shared a room with my younger brother.

It wasn’t until I was about 13 when I was doing this one night and felt this tingly feeling come over me and then this white stuff squirted out over the handkerchief and my stomach. It felt good but also weird as it hadn’t happened before, so the next day I did it again and the same thing happened – I then found out I had experienced my first orgasms / ejaculations.

I spent most of my teenage years masturbating with handkerchiefs and I prefer ones with a nice pattern / bold stripes on, as they seemed to turn me on more.

In my 20’s I got a G/F and discovered sex… but strangely enough I used to fantasize that my GF was lying on a bed full of handkerchiefs

I’ve now been married for 16 years and have a healthy sex life with my wife, but occasionally (when wife is not around) I will get out a ‘special’ handkerchief or 2 and pleasure myself.

I’ve also found out that this fetish / fantasy is not uncommon… I’ve found 2 groups online of men who like to do a similar thing, but most of the men appear to be gay.

without knowing what the OP is sexually aroused by, it is hard to know if it is bad / illegal / immoral.... it may be something simple like Handkerchiefs or something
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