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Postby Gavinator191 » Wed May 16, 2018 10:36 pm

Hello, I am a teenaged boy and have had some confusion lately about my sexuality. I have been diagnosed with POCD, which usually is the reason for my confusion but this is different, and the OCD has been under control. First off I’d like to say that I have never legitimately been attracted to men. Before I had problems with my ocd, the thought of it would disgust me, as does it now, since the ocd is under control. I have always preferred, fantasized, and been sexually attracted to women. My problem is quite personal and embarrassing, but it is something that generally confuses me about my sexual orientation. Recently, I was in class thinking about a girl and got really aroused so I went to the bathroom to do you know what. I was in a stall and around other men, while doing it, and the fact that there were other people outside of the stall seemed to turn me on. I did not understand this feeling, because when I then thought of a male himself, I was turned off. This wasn’t an anxious feeling, and I only felt it while in the act of you know what. This straight up confuses me, and I’d just like know why masturbating while there are other boys outside of a stall would turn me on.
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