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female can't orgasm without porn...please read

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Re: female can't orgasm without porn...please read

Postby Snaga » Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:39 am

Well, speaking as a guy, I'd find it a real turn on, for a girl to be on top and also fingering herself... but then, I understand that orgasm during sex without direct clitoral stimulation, is hard for a lot of women.

as far as toys, I once had this dual-egg vibrator, that was designed to fit on a hard penis. There are toys out there for the guy to put on his hard-on, that vibrate and have silicone tongues/fingers to hit the clit during intercourse. You might think about trying one of those, if you haven't.

Shame on those guys who don't think toys during sex are fun... also feeling inadequate, it's got nothing to do with that. Some girls get off easy without direct clitoral; many don't. At least, that's always been my understanding. I've always addressed that with plenty of foreplay, preferably oral as I enjoy doing that a lot. It never really mattered to me who came when, as long as everyone got what they needed.

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