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Acetylcholine for sexual performance anxiety?

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Acetylcholine for sexual performance anxiety?

Postby Flavio » Fri Dec 04, 2020 9:41 pm

I've battled sexual performance anxiety (coital anxiety, I am able to attain an erection but lose it just before penetration) for over 20 years but a combination of Cialis + oral phentolamine as needed was very effective for the last 10 years or so.

It seems, however, that Cialis has stopped for working for me and now I'm working on a new regimen.

Because erections start in the brain, I've been looking for a centrally acting drug to improve my sexual performance. I've tried trazodone, cabergoline and apomorphine but nothing worked.

Do you think acetylcholine could be helpful?

I don't know much about acetylcholine but there are studies that show its importance in erectile function.

I also know that there are no acetylcholine supplements but CDP choline and Alpha GPC are two percursors and there are supplements that combine both of them.

Do you think I should give these supplements a try? If so, how should I take them (regularly or only as needed)?

If you know any studies on acetylcholine and ED, please share them here.

Thanks in advance!
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