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Penis infection

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Penis infection

Postby willy31 » Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:12 pm


I have a new problem that needs to be solved. I think I got an penis infection yesterday. I masturbated and bled. I cut myself on the penis. My skin is very thin due to an autoimmune skin disease. It happens to me sometimes to have cuts on the skin of the penis and to bleed. But yesterday, the place where I cut myself inflated, swollen and became a big bump on my penis. It must also be mentioned that it had been a week since I had washed. I went to the hospital. They said it could take a minimum of 48 hours before it turns into an infection. They did not want to give me oral antibiotics. They gave me a cream of antibiotics to apply 2 times a day (Fucidin ointment: sodium fusidate ointment 2% - topical antibiotic). I have applied it 2 times until now. However, I am worried. It's still swollen and it's even worse. It stings, it burns.

Is it dangerous if it becomes infectious? I know that some creams can cause even more fibrosis in the penis. Does this cream have this side effect? Do you have a better solution? Any advice?

Thank you!
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