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First night excitement

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First night excitement

Postby abuz12 » Thu May 09, 2019 9:56 am

I am 23 yo virgin male. I am kind of religious person so I wanted to wait to sex until get married. But since I was 13 I am masturbating continuously and I am afraid of some day when I get married, I can't get erect in the first night. I only had one girlfriend and we just cuddle (or hugging since it ia in public and just hug each other) and that's all I did with woman so far.
And when we are cuddling I got erected but it is the time that you do not get erect. On the other hand in first nighr you have to get erect and that stress me. Also I can't pee in urinal when someone near to me in public. Is this going to be a problem or I can get erect normally? Thanks.
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