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Hey guys! some problems I have

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Hey guys! some problems I have

Postby AdamMonroe1993 » Sun Apr 21, 2019 10:32 pm

Hi my name is Adam i am 25 and i have some pretty bad sexual problems, I have suffered from bad erectile dysfunction for the past 5 years, I have suffered a bit of it before then but it was mainly anxiety just before sex (getting a girl pregnant, getting STD) I got anxious about those things so sex never happened it's come close to happening several times but that anxiety stopped it in its tracks and it sucks...

Anyway I have suffered pretty bad with bad mental illness over those last 5 years so I'm guessing that has a role in my dysfunction right now though I'm not 100 percent sure, 5 years ago i could get hard normally, but since I became ill i cant get it up at all... so in turn causes worry that I'll never be able to have sex with a woman and that's a very depressing thought to be honest, I love women! i have been attracted to them all my life, I'm a very sexual person (love making out and everything with girls and would love to be able to have sex properly) but currently unable too. I have been to doctors about this and he told me it was my depression (mental health) that is causing the issue though I'm really unsure. All I hear from family members about it is (you shouldn't be worrying about those things right now) but I can't help it, It's affecting myself confidence and it's making me doubt my future with women... weirdly I can still masturbate and orgasm with it not being erect, (and yes to fantasies of women) but yet I still worry, I have thought about other possible causes such as diabetes but i had a blood test recently and the results were my bloods were fine....

In short i'm concerned I'll never be able to make love to a woman, because I'd love to. but I have a giant roadblock ahead of me, that I need help getting past. I feel like I cant get my worries about this looked at properly or be taken seriously. and so i kinda feel alone on it.. :cry:
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