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I want a relationship with an older man

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I want a relationship with an older man

Postby SmooshGoo » Tue Apr 02, 2019 8:33 am

I will start off by saying no i don't have a close relationship with my dad, in fact i still forget he's my step dad because i was so little when my mom left my real dad. Anyway, I'm 18 now and my feelings towards older men really hit me when i turned 17 years old, but prior i had no school crushes on boys my age except in elementary school. Because for my birthday i went to the pier with my family and me and my mom were in line to get a crab to eat. And there's this old dude, and when i say old i mean OLD white hair wrinkles balding looked like he was maybe 60 years old, i swear i couldn't take my eyes off that man. And you know I've come to the conclusion i do want to have a relationship with an older man, and not just a sexual one but a real loving relationship is that possible though?? Also another REALLY weird thing, i used to catfish older men on the internet when i was 11 or 12 it gave me sexual gratification when they'd show interest in "me". And thoughts of having a relationship with a person my age makes me feel physically uncomfortable like its wrong When really i know it isn't. So I'm wondering is it normal for a woman to be attracted to older men? I've seen men and older women but rarely do i see a healthy relationship between age gap couples that doesn't rely on money or sex.
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Re: I want a relationship with an older man

Postby wc24x7 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 9:43 pm

Younger for older, isn't a normal relationship make, unless such a couple, blows off all the oddity that comes with such a thing.

Years ago I was a Youth Pastor in Northern CA. I had a young man freshly graduated from HS. I knew he had a GF, but had no idea he really liked his GF's mom, or grandmother; the elder parent was really old and I mean older the 60. Before I left the church there, they had gotten married the young man to the much older female.

My point here is that your thoughts of being with an older man, (I'm 64 and I am no where near "old"), can stem from anywhere, from you being an old-soul type of young woman to your emotional strengths see older men as being on the same emotional level your on.

From an older man's approach, he will think he has hit a gold mine. A firm young thing in his arms. Whatever you do, don't pinch him, he may wake up. You will have the stare's, the gawks, rumors amongst your friends; "Is that your dad?" some will ask, so be ready for it, it will come.

Younger for older will not have much in common, there will be things, life events he will know and you will not and visa versa. Everything will be out of place, like you stepped into or out of a time capsule without a clue as to where you are.

You mentioned money or sex being the norm of why two generations seprarted by long years would have a common ground, yeah you'er about right. Oldermen like myself would eat your tender body as if we were hungery for deepest love touch could provide, you will never experience older-man love with anyone younger after a younger for older relationship has ended.

Ever see the movie "Somewhere in Time?" Get it, you'll know what I mean.
Be safe, sane and adhere to the absence of the 3 D's, Drugs, Drama & Disease.
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