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Penile thrombosis

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Penile thrombosis

Postby willy31 » Wed Feb 06, 2019 2:15 am

Hi everyone,

I'm a male, i'm 27 years old.

I have already posted here about my sexual dysfunction issues that I attributed to a neurological problem. After consulting a urologist last month, I learned that my problems are much more serious than I thought. My problem is mainly vascular. I have, it seems, a cavernous penile thrombosis of the deep dorsal vein (not to be confused with penile thrombosis of the superficial dorsal vein which is much less serious). The main vein is injured. It's irreversible and degenerative. The blood is no longer properly evacuated and remains trapped in the penis, which creates fibrosis and problems of sexual dysfunction. A shot goes, it goes to complete genital anesthesia and it can even turn into infection, which requires the complete removal of the penis.

As if I was not poor enough, I received a puncture and phenylephrine injection treatment from an emergency room urologist who thought I had pseudo-priapism. He was unable to remove blood and immediately after the procedure, my penis was hard as stone and the scrotum completely relaxed. Since, my penis wavers between two types of semi-erections. He never returns to his normal flaccid state. My scrotum hangs much more than it should and no longer holds my testicles. I often have to hold them with my hand. To the touch, my penis is not at all like before, it is weird, as if it had more the same consistency inside and texture / touch on the outside. In erection it's worse, my cock has a malleability she did not have before, as if it was liquorice. I am able to "crochire" my way in different places and it remains crooked. The skin is no longer the same. It's like I've been burned where cavernous bodies. In erection I have a blister on the left as if I had been burned with a cigarette. I have pains that I did not have before. Burning sensations as if my penis was boiling inside, sensations of numbness almost constant. The penis became smaller / less thick than before and harder / more compact, but longer as if the suspensory ligament had been severed. It will be a month and my penis has had almost no improvement since the injection of phenylephrine. I read somewhere that phenylephrine could cause fibrosis ... Doctors protecting themselves, nobody wants ask to my questions.

The doubts of my urologist have been confirmed by ultrasound. He said I had fibrosis, blood flow was still present in my cavernous body, but he is not 100% sure about thrombosis, but he says it would explain everything else. My fibrosis being generalized and not localized, we can evacuate the possibility of Peyronnie's disease, especially since I do not really have any curvature. My urologist is supposed to refer me to another urologist and put me on a waiting list to do an MRI with a radiologist able to interpret the results correctly. He should have done this the first time, it's very amateurish. And nothing is sure and the wait is long.

I read that there was a medical treatment combining a low molecular weight heparin (dalteparin sodium 5000 IU / d) for several weeks and a platelet antiaggregant (lysine acetylsalicylate 160 mg / d) for a period of a few months. I can send you articles by private message if you are interested.

Nobody seems to be able to help me in Quebec. As soon as a thrombosis is suspected, the urologists immediately want to put penile prostheses. Do you know of urologists willing to try treatments to try to reduce penile fibrosis? How do you get treatment in another country, what is the procedure? I would be ready to meet an urologist in France, USA or elsewhere if necessary.

The more time passes, the more serious my problems are. I must act quickly and efficiently.

Thank you.
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