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Not Ejaculation with oral sex

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Not Ejaculation with oral sex

Postby hamids47 » Fri Dec 21, 2018 6:09 am


First of all I apologize for my english that is not my mother language.

I am 50 years old.Masturbating up to 3 times a day ago from 21 years ago by Pulling penis on the mattress.Just one months ago I married. I stopped masturbating completely from 1 months ago. my desire is good , my erection is good but My penis are not stimulated by oral sex. What is the cause of the problem? does penis numbness causes it ? its is normal ? my wife is 40 and virgin . we don`t want to have vaginal sex until 6 months later.I'm worried about not ejaculating with vaginal sex also
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Re: Not Ejaculation with oral sex

Postby wc24x7 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 6:53 am

How old are you guys, and why wait 6 months for have sex (intercourse)?

Speaking from one who has both received and have given oral sex (men/with/men), the first time giving isn't anything as like it is as the first time receiving.

With your wife's hand on your cock, stroking it, licking it from time to time, rolling her tongue around your penis's mushroom head, you'll begin to come alive. When she begins to mouth your dick, with her warm mouth and saliva, you should be shooting your wad at some point.

Then when you go dwn on her, French-kiss her slit, get her to moan and adjust her hips to better accommodate your tongue and probing finger's.

Sucking cock for the first time from your wife's perspective is going to be like sucking on one of those rubber chicken's you can buy as a novelty gift. The texture is like a very soft rubbery sensation to your teeth, tongue and inner mouth.

Make sure your both clean and free of sour odors, not smelling fresh will tell your brain, "there's no chance in hell that I'll be going dwn there tonight!" :lol:

The turn on for her will come when she hears you begin to moan from what she is doing for you. As your cock begins to throb and you adjust your hips to be more accommodating to her position, she will find it enjoyable. When you sense she is having fun giving you a blow-job, you will want to cum in her mouth, she, never having tasted sperm before (as far as we know), may reject it the first time, some say it is a required taste; the more fruit you eat the day of the night she goes dwn on you, if she eats your sperm, it will at least taste better.

Once you can freely shoot your jizz into her mouth, it will be a climax like no other.

This first time I went dwn on a guy, as I began to hear him moan and felt his hips adjust so I could take more of him into my mouth, I stopped and said, "just cum when you're ready, don't tell me your going to, just do it." In short order he did, I swallowed every drop.

I enjoyed hearing him moan. I looked up at some point and saw his eyes closed. He had been watching porn, I didn't want to so I focused on the matter at hand. After a bit, he wasn't watching porn either.

After he came in me, dwn my throat, we reversed the roll and he sucked my dick. I enjoyed it too very much. What I miss though more than anything, is the intimacy we shared. I was all up in his crotch, he in mine; I hadn't been that close to another human being in years; I missed it.

So what is your excuse or your wife's excuse not wanting to be close to you? Her response to sex spells out trauma of some sort at some point in her life something happened, now she doesn't want to be a apart of it... Sex to our wife may spell out bad, hurtful memories. If this is the case, then you have a long battle ahead of you. There are some things though that you can do to help rid her of what negative past she may have had to a more agreeable play time.

For example, lay naked above the covers a few times during the week, or step into a shower she takes, just to say hi.

If you're both reading in the living room for example, come in sit dwn again either naked or close to it and begin to read a book. What you are doing here is sending her non-verbal-communications. You are telling her you want her without saying you want her. You are also telling her that she wants you, even though at first she will never admit it.

I knew a young woman years ago who told me she felt better being with animals sexually than with humans. She suffered sexual trauma at some point in her life where her only deep emotional friends were or had become animals.

What do you think will happen to your wife if she continues like she is, how will you cope then?
Be safe, sane and adhere to the absence of the 3 D's, Drugs, Drama & Disease.
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