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Sudden occurrence of ED

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Sudden occurrence of ED

Postby Shrodi13m » Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:33 pm

Hello everybody,

This is my first topic in this forum. I wanted to consult somebody first, before going to a specialist and because I can't talk about this to anyone I know, I decided to try this forum.

So, let me introduce myself. I am 22 years old, I like to train a lot and I would say I am healthy ( I am strict about my health, I go to medical check-ups all the time). I have been together with my girlfriend for 5 years now and up until this month, sex was great. We've always had a lot of sex and I was usually the one asking for sex all the time (to a point where my girlfriend jokingly threatened me with calling the police to report sexual harassment). But a couple of weeks ago, I was really tired and not in the mood, but we decided to have sex. We started and everything was OK up to the point where we wanted to have penetration sex. I lost my erection completely and I couldn't continue having sex. We stopped and we ruled this off as exhaustion(the last couple of months were really stressful for me) and I didn't put much thought in it. Then we tried to have sex again and again, at the moment of penetration, I lost my erection. We bought new condoms, because we had problems with condoms in the passed and waited a week before we tried again. I was really anxious the whole week, if I was going to encounter the same problem as before. Today, we tried to have sex, buuuut.....the same thing happened all over again. Now I feel absolutely terrible, because something like this has never happened to me and I can't find the reason for it. It is true I am pretty stressed out, I have to work a lot and go to university (my father passed away unexpectedly 18 months ago and I have to finance my life all by myself), but I definitely don't have any psychological problems or panic attacks. I simply don't have an explanation why is this happening to me....Now I can't keep calm about this and I can't imagine having sex again. I wouldn't say I find my girlfriend unattractive and I can definitely masturbate and climax, but I simply can't have proper sex with her anymore.

Has anyone gone through something similar? Can somebody offer me some sort of advice or does anybody have an idea what is the reason I can't maintain my erection? Should I go to a therapist or have another medical examination?

Thank you all!
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