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Almost 7 years without (almost) any Libido/Sex Drive at 24 (

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Almost 7 years without (almost) any Libido/Sex Drive at 24 (

Postby mhelders » Fri Sep 21, 2018 12:18 pm

Hi everyone,

well, the title says it. I've just come from another visit at a psychologist (I think my 6ht or 7th), and he has never had any case like this aswell - and I've been to a number of them, including doing 8 weeks of rehab because of depression and social phobia at the beginning of the year; no one seems to have a clue. This also includes not having interest in girls at all - no romantic feelings either (I thought I might be gay for a while, but thats not the case either.)

You can imagine that this is really getting to me now... for context, I've been depressed pretty much my entire adult life, struggeling with social phobia, and I've tried and failed a bunch of stuff to get better with people (and girls, for that matter) or try to become more confident, and I feel like it's just getting worse. I'm no virgin either, sex is no fun to me at all.

To give you an small overview; my almost complete loss of libido came at 17, when I first got more "serious" with a girl and we had a few dates and could not talk at all - I was just too shy and not used to being alone with some, even with friends I was used to be in a group. Plus, I've always been afraid what her freinds/family might say, because I've been used to bullying my entire life and people just don't seem to like me. From 13-16, I was bullied in school and got really anxious around people, even though I was never a loner; I've always had friends.

The last two years of school got better, and I really wanted to be more confident in life and with people - I went alone to New Zealand for 8 months; moved to a city far from home knowing no body and recently finished a semester abroad. Almost everything went bad; right now I have a relatively solid group of friends in my city, but I lost complete interest in people because everything I tried went terribly wrong. Got more or less bullied on practically all of my jobs, getting to know people got worse each year, and on my semester abroad I was completely isolated.

This is really just a small portion of whats been going on and what could affect my libido; the details would take too long - I guess I just really wanted to ask around if someone else (male?) got the same problem over this long of a time. I suppose I kind of need someone hows been through the same tell me that it's possible to solve my problem. Always hearing people say they have never heard of something like this over this long is really disencouraging.

thank you for taking your time to read this; anything helps. If I can clear something up, please ask.
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Re: Almost 7 years without (almost) any Libido/Sex Drive at 24 (

Postby Snaga » Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:28 am

Could you be some flavor of asexual? And is that bad? Outside of feeling as if you have to conform to some standard idea of sexual desire....

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