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Genital mutilation

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Genital mutilation

Postby Bpman » Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:46 am

Yes, yes I am one of those strange people that have a desire to mutilate my own genetals. I am on a high dose of Risperdal (8mg/day) to tamp down on the desire but it is always there. Everyday, every night. There is definitely a correlation between being in a mania state and being hypersexual and having this need to cut myself.

Prior to being diagnosed I got really into cutting. First I got a Prince Albert genital piercing thinking this will solve the craving I was having. But when it didn’t I began to pull on the piercing over and over and over again until the ring came off and left me with a gaping hole to deal with. About two years ago I found a uroplasty surgeon who was able to close the hole similar to how a boy with hypospadias would be handled.

All is going well but I am beginning to feel the urge again. Increasing my risperdal might be the only hope.

Does anyone have a story even close to this? I know I am complicated.

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