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Anorgasmia after stroke

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Anorgasmia after stroke

Postby maree12 » Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:02 am

What seems a long time ago, I was very sexually responsive, and enjoyed sex, much to the delight of my current partner who often told me that his ex wife was not interested in sex (although she had an affair with a work colleague). He left her, and I do suspect that the poor sex life was a major factor in the break up of their marriage. I always thought what a fool she was, for letting such a perfect man go, just for the sake of not wishing to have sex. About 22 years ago, I suffered a stroke and since then have been unable to orgasm, and consequently find sex boring, annoying and humiliating. He has been very nice about it, but insists on once a week having sex which is unenjoyable for both of us. I have recently found that he is searching online dating websites for a new partner, and I do not know how much of this is prompted by our poor sex life. Recently I had a procedure that enabled me to lubricate, which I could not do, either, and he seemed to become more affectionate than he had been since the stroke. So, I am thinking the major problem in our relationship is my inability to orgasm. I do not know what to do to keep us going. I have tried everything and nothing works. I am not currently on anti depressants but was on Effexor for maybe I year straight after the stroke. There is no use pretending that i am having an orgasm, he knows me well enough, and it is hard to pretend when I am getting no pleasure, apart from which I am tired all the time (common post stroke effect) so cannot pull up the energy to work hard to ensure he is enjoying himself. I have tried all the herbs and even Viagra, and use a powerful massage unit to get some enjoyment, not the full WOW, but better than nothing. I am wondering if poor circulation could be something to do with it.
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