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Stinging internal pain during or after intimacy

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Stinging internal pain during or after intimacy

Postby Manchev » Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:48 am

The past month has been a hell of a ride for me
At first I struggled with erectile dysfunction, I lost a girl I really liked because I couldn't get it up. I felt little sexual desire somehow.
I did a ton of research, changed up my diet to an even healthier one, worked on my stress managment, took multivitamins, kept working out(like I always have)practically attacked the low libido from all angles ahahah.

Now I stumbled upon a different problem.
Last night I got out with another girl, she is REALLY attracted to me and 15-20 mins in we were already making out. About an hour in we were already at second base, but we couldn't go further for the time being.
I got it up at least, yaay!! Although... given that nothing happened and I was pre-destined to be blueballed, I went home and couldnt help but notice the STINGING internal pain above the penis, a feeling similar to that when you get hit in the balls too hard you feel it inside your prostate.
It did not leave me alone until I fell asleep, it's 11:30 now and I keep feeling it slightly. Friends told me I needed to jack it off and that its just "too full", end quote, but the pain was a bit much for me to be able to get it up and empty the tank.
Actually, similar thing happened with the last girl I was with when I was unable to get it up. The girl was givimg me oral and all I felt was this stinging sensation on the tip of my penis.
What are your thoughts? Should I get myself checked?
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Re: Stinging internal pain during or after intimacy

Postby Snaga » Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:29 pm

Sounds like you might need to, yah. I'd always understood blue balls was just something guys made up to make an excuse to get off (I'm a guy, btw). I mean I've edged in the past for hours and hours without cumming and never ever had what you describe unless there was something wrong like a UTI or something. Might need to be checked out.

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