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Switching genders when watching porn

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Switching genders when watching porn

Postby Sunny7518 » Tue May 15, 2018 9:08 pm

I am not gay being i dont think i could ever fall in love with another man nor have i ever had the desire to. I am very emotionally and sexually attracted to women. I am not a fan of gay porn its actually a huge turn off for me personally, but i love straight hardcore porn and when i watch it my mind automatically puts me in the females position wich does give me amazing orgasms, but no matter how hard i try i cant put myself in the mans position i always endup putting myself in her body instead of his. This is very confusing yet satisfying in a sexual way. Does anyone know what is going on here?
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Re: Switching genders when watching porn

Postby wc24x7 » Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:49 pm

I am not sure if my role-playing experience tethers with yours or not, as some of my replies have been tagged as "off topic," and not posted by the Admin here, but here goes.

I am ((?)) I guess Bi-sexual, but when I watch porn I have a hard time watching men with women, it is a major turn off for me. Lesbian video's, Gay, those I'll watch, even Bi video's take me back to not liking what I am watching. I guess I switch roles; I never thought of it that way, like how you put it.

The men in these heterosexual video's is getting something I don't have, not even sure that I want, but if I did, I don't.

Watching two women engaging in good acting as two first time lover's with each other is a turn on for me as I imagine a real-life scene being acted out with me being one of the women. Two or three men more less reacting as if in a amateur video, not professionally tapped. I can put myself in those scenario's a lot easier then when watching a heterosexual relationship. That might be because I haven't been in one in like forever; not being in one is easier than being in one, so I cannot relate at all any more to a "normal" mwm relationship... Does this make sense?

One thing that drives my appetite for sexual relations with online porn is intimacy, I don't have any, at all, anywhere, so how does the human mind compensate for what doesn't feed it? Role-playing is one answer.

TY for your post. Reading these and replying is helping me out a bunch, more than you would know.

I have a lady friend, but wonder will I be able to maintain a "normal" relationship with her, if the friendship moved in that direction? I honestly do not know.

Porn does set up the viewer for failure, men and women, it creates unrealistic assumptions into the world of real-sex, real-relationships. Brain activity gets the ball rolling, trigger's emotions, feeds the senses, we either need to absorb our addictions, let them pass or implode.
Be safe, sane and adhere to the absence of the 3 D's, Drugs, Drama & Disease.
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