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Cock size

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Re: Cock size

Postby AiryL » Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:01 pm

I feel newly qualified to comment on this- see my above post. I’ll admit that, while I’m still figuring out how things will work with my new, not-so-well endowed guy, I have never felt so sexually ravenous for anyone in my life. The first time I was with him, it was like temporary insanity-I could not rip his clothes off fast enough! Even now that I know what we’re “working with,” so to speak, I’m still head over heels and can’t wait for more.

Oh, and- he’s over 40, bald and maybe just a little overweight. I am 26, in excellent shape and attractive (so I have been told, anyway!) It sounds so cheesy, but just looking at him literally makes my heart pound in ways that many other guys who are objectively more attractive, can’t. So there you go- there are really very few things that “ matter,” in every situation- it’s all on a case by case basis.
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Re: Cock size

Postby Snaga » Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:29 pm

Whatever he's got, he oughta bottle it... 8)

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Re: Cock size

Postby ZombieZ » Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:53 pm

If I could have a 12in cock that was so thick I got hit with assault charges every time I pulled it out I would take it. For me It’s not about her it’s about me and my ego. I want her telling her friends how she was walking funny for a week after I got done with her.
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Re: Cock size

Postby HEMARO » Wed Nov 28, 2018 7:51 pm

Since an early age I have been experimenting a variety of sexual experiences and also have been in contact with female friends that taught me about their sexual preferences and practices.

In regards of penis sizes I have learned the following.

*Not all girls feel comfortable with very big penises because at a point, receiving pleasure turns out to become a painful experience even if they don't tell their partners.
*A big and thick penis should be used correctly, going in slowly until your girl shows symptoms of pleasure or pain.
Like all vaginas, there are all penis sizes.

*Most guys have an average of 6-7.5 inches with a variety of thickness.

* Only a few guys from the population, show a variety of "features" that come along with their penises such as being very hung or very small.

Don't judge a guys "bulge" size as a signal.

*Some guys show almost no bulge at all and if they get naked you might see a stretched small penis but don't be surprised if you stimulate the 2-3 inches guy's penis and watch that when aroused, the penis may go up to 7-8.5 inches long with different girths.
This type of men are categorized as "do you grow" when areoused?
They can have more orgasms than a well endowed men and can do things quicker than their counterparts.

*There are penises that do not change in size while erected, they stay the same but get really hard.
These type of men may have small, med, or large penises.

Now, there are the mega penises that are always hanging down, flacid and they stay the same size but some have difficulty in putting it to work. They need more stimulation to get completely aroused.

This type of penis needs more blood circulation in order to have a full erection and take a little longer to achieve it.

With age, this huge penis is a candidate for sexual disfunction because their urethras are so long that testicles are forced to send the sperm til the end of the penis.

Remember that arousal and foreplay are a very important part of the completion of the sexual act.
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