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Disgusted By Regular Society/Sex

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Disgusted By Regular Society/Sex

Postby xXDarkStarXx » Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:48 pm

I've been keeping this to myself because I dont think anyone would be able to relate but I am absolutely turned off and disgusted by the thought of someone's toes curling during sex. I hate it in porn, especially. It's an immediate turn off.

I also cant stay in the mood when I think of someone I really like. I'm into abnormal sex like monsters or demon sex. I'm also a virgin and must mention that I was sexually molested as a child 5/6 years old but by a girl in my family.

I'm not sure why I am turned off by normal things and turned on by heathenry... i have a thing for forbidden situations.
Diagnosed with lots of stuff. I have split Personality: BPD & Antisocial Personality. I'm working through it on my own, I suppose.
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Re: Disgusted By Regular Society/Sex

Postby wc24x7 » Thu Jul 18, 2019 4:45 am

Your appetite for "forbidden" stimulation stems from your subconscious emotions trying to understand your young experience while being abused.

For years I had worked with special needs children, adolescents and young adults in the area of sexual abuse and neglect. One 5 year old child we had living in our Emergency Care Home, years ago, 1982/83 had been molested by her father. She in her young mind tried to understand everything about the abuse, its touch, smells, emotions, you know the drill.

She came away believing there was a monster in her house, and that her dad wasn't it. She had separated the one abuser into two identities. You are doing or have done the same thing.

You may have known your abuser, but your sexual energy is being reached by engaging mentally into the darkness you once felt. I was molested too by an older family member. I was nine, he talked me into sucking his cock with the promise of doing me. I had a blank idea of what he was talking about at 9 years old. I hadn't seen porn by this age, don't recall seeing anyone naked or acting sexually at all. I peed, but that was pretty much all the time I spent touching myself then.

But later in life at 55 when I did get with a man for the purpose of sucking his cock, I felt like I was in someway bringing to a conclusion what my cousin started back when I was 9, and this time I liked it, a lot!

You are where I was/am. You're not alone though, a lot of people do not like "normal" male/female intercourse and they haven't for many, many years. My grand parents didn't they thought sex was dirty, they adopted... stranger things have happened I am sure on this front.

Getting back to you, if you haven't sought out a counselor to help you with your sexual opinion of social-sex as being disgusting, you might want to. You may find that your opinion about engaging in the normal practice of intercourse will change and it won't be so disgusting to you. I wish you well.
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Re: Disgusted By Regular Society/Sex

Postby NoNameHere1 » Sun Aug 25, 2019 9:56 pm

I agree with you.

I am disgusted by sex too but craving intimacy more (kissing, hugging, talking, etc)

But sexuality has been skewed so much that they removed all of that from pornography and society. All I see is depravity. Incest, petite, really rough and domination or submission, all things that have twisted it to be something disgusting and makes me want to throw up.

I'd like to have sex with a guy but anytime they bring sex up, it's only about the act. Never about the love or intimacy behind it and all men (I'm a millennial) are so ###$ up sexually that I can't even bring myself to have sex with any of them. They talk about eating ass, and tying women up and leering at any ass or tits out there like they're so thirsty. It's a gigantic turn off and makes me feel disgusted.
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