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Sex drive early in childhood?

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Sex drive early in childhood?

Postby Theguy123 » Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:49 am

So I don't have time to go see a therapist and just put this to the back of mind for a very long time but it's creeped into my thoughts again and it really disturbs me to think about it. But here we go, when I was young I'd say about 5 years old my parents didn't keep the fact that people had sex a mystery (I had received the talk) and had even walked in on them a couple of times. But I had devoloped a sex drive at a very young age. I had a neighbor also my age and we would get naked and act out what we thought sex was. Eventually we moved away not because of that. My parents had a close friend with a daughter who was a yeare or two younger than me I was probably 7 at the time and the same thing happened again we would act it out and touch each other when they visited(they lived far away so we didn't see each other very often). Eventually a friend of mine who was a guy and myself decided to mess around. At this time I was about 8 or 9. A couple years later when we visited my parents friend I would basically hump the girl until completion or whatever it would be considered at that age. We did this masquerading it as something different a massage, dog pile, or we would play hide and seek and I would just get on top of her while we were hiding. The only thing I could liken it to now is rape on an unsuspecting child but I was a young child at the time too and didn't fully understand that's what it would be. I just can't help but think she looks back on this and it has affected her life we've never talked about it and I never want to we still see each other regularly but she keeps her distance which leads me to believe that this is the case. I can't help but feel horrible when I think about it and I try to reason it by thinking it's no different than a dog that humps another dog as they don't understand it as something wrong just giving into an urge. It hasn't happened in a very long time and it stopped around the time we both started realizing that it's wrong but there was still not a word shared between us about it. Could this be something wrong with me or just bad circumstances and ignorance. I apologize for grammar as this is being typed on a phone.
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Re: Sex drive early in childhood?

Postby AmberCat » Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:52 pm

I also came from a family where there was no hiding of sexual topics. I was allowed to watch whatever I wanted on TV, and that included TV shows with sexual innuendo or sex scenes, and my mom told me a lot about sex, including her sex life.

I was obsessed with sex for a bit of time until I was about 9. I drew explicit pictures, looked at porn, talked about sex a lot and I did do some "playing doctor" with a kid of a similar age.

I thought I was some kind of deviant pervert for years, until I confessed this to a friend and she told me how completely normal it was. It is normal for young children to be curious about the body, and about sex. It is normal for kids to play games with similarly aged peers involving their genitals. It is normal for kids to masturbate/hump stuff, and realise that it feels good.

She said the only difference between how long it lasted for, and how long it lasts for other kids, is my mom's approach to sex and her open attitude about it and lack of boundaries, as I never got a sense of it being inappropriate to talk about so much, and how easily available knowledge about sex was to me at a very impressionable age.

I didn't grow up to be addicted to sex or anything.
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Re: Sex drive early in childhood?

Postby Prairie gal » Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:19 am

In my opinion, you were sexualized at an early age because your parents
did not have the proper boundaries in place to protect you. Yes, it is
normal for kids to be curious about sex or how boys are different from girls.
However, it is usually a passing type of curiosity in children and does not become a
fixation or incorporated into the self as a sex drive until around puberty.

In other words, it was not your fault because you were just an innocent child
who was exposed to sex at a too-early age. I actually consider it a type of abuse,
and I believe most child psychologists do too.
Prairie gal
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Re: Sex drive early in childhood?

Postby lonRboi2003 » Fri May 04, 2018 11:25 pm

Yes, I humped things and got erections at 6-8 years old.

Then I used the stream from the shower handle often at 8 years old.

When I was 9 years old I started jerking off. Did so 3-5 times a day. More "extreme" days 5-10 times a day.

It was like this:
Waking up - jerking off OR
Sitting in the back of the bus at school, with a few rows empty - jerking off
School bathroom - jerking off
In front of the computer - jerking off twice in a row
maybe in the sauna or the gym showers post workout, or the public bathroom - jerking off
at me and my brothers room - jerking off

It wasn't agressive to anyone? I just didn't get the big deal with it... I covered up the best I
could but it wasn't doomsday if someone saw my 9 year old penis I thought.

Well, agressive... hm...

My brother must have told mom because she asked me to show it at one time when I pissed and
she was in the bath next to me.. So I showed, she was shocked by the size I think. I was early.
Might have been bigger than average grown up don't know...
She said I should be proud and shouldn't have covered up. She took som baths the passing weeks
and didn't look the door so... Well, maybe agressive that I used it to show it once more. I
even shaked and pulled a little.. she looked but locked the door later always...

I mastrubated even in public, often hidden but sometimes not so much, when I was really aroused.

Caught often but didn't stop even if I choose a bad place.

A 12 year old girl teased and touched me until I mastrubated on the spot.

Repressed much of what I did but yeah I enjoyed myself :)

But I was thoughtful, calm, introverted.
The "psychopathic ###$ boy" or "bad boy" stereotype of someone with a
very high sex drive does not exist.
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Re: Sex drive early in childhood?

Postby Rive » Thu May 10, 2018 3:36 am

I agree you were sexualized at an early age.
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