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Rearview mirror

Postby DariusB » Fri Apr 12, 2024 8:01 pm


I don't think you have had as hardcore case as mine on this forum before.

I'm Darius, 40, from LA. Former football player (bench wormer for 4 years, never made seven figures) and personal trainer for past 16 years. Bull in the "lifestyle" for past 16 years as well. Addicted to sex with white women exclusively since I was 16 years old. I've had sex with 1000 (yes, that's one thousand) white women over the past 24 years. I have spent six figures on Durex XXL condoms over the same period and well over seven figures on gifts, restaurants, boutiques, hotels,.. I have filled for bankruptcy at the beginning of the year. I am father of 24 children (all boys, ages 16 to 4) with 12 different women. I don't really know any of my boys. I try to do what I can, but I don't really know any of them. All mothers of my boys left me because of my cheating. Every single time, I said to myself, it's the last one. It's never enough. Social media combined with moral decay of our country served me well over past 8 years. I couldn't have enough of beautiful young white women with strong interracial fetishes. It made it impossibly easy to set up meetings in the matter of hours. I don't have my Only Fans but I star in at least 100 videos on just as many accounts (face blurred in all of them at least).

The thought of having sex with just one more white girl is the only thing that prevents me from committing suicide. I know what I'm saying. I'm too stupid to regret anything. I rather live dreaming about my past experiences and planning my future ones, than in reality, trying to salvage all the chaos and destruction I created. I ever only cared about pleasures I can give white women and pleasures they give me in return. I advanced in my football career just as much as I needed to gain access to the most beautiful white girls. Not to compete or excel or win. Just to have a status of a professional athlete. When I started, over 24 years ago, white woman black man combos were taboo. Now they are encouraged by the media. Now the girls are taking initiative. Just this past weekend I've spent entire Sunday in bed, with 20 year old junior from UCLA. She contacted me. She set it up. She asked if it would be ok if she calls me N-word while I ###$ her. I couldn't and wouldn't resist such opportunity if Jim Crow returned not this. And the Sunday was my youngest' birthday, I didn't even managed to call his mother until Monday. To say sorry not happy birthday.

If I stopped it would be the end. I have nothing, no money, no family, no status, no future. Just the promise of a new white girl who's eyes will lit up when she reaches for only thing she wants from me.

I have zero clue why I bother you all with this.
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